Categories: Amino Acids

Carnitine Skin Benefits:
Oily Skin purifier

Carnitine, also known as L-Carnitine, is an amino acid-derived building block for proteins that assists with the breakdown of fats and lipids. In skincare, carnitine fat-degrading ability is known to help reduce excess sebum, a component present in skin’s natural oils. Levels of excess sebum gives the skin a shiny, oily appearance. When topically applied, L-carnitine can help improve the lipid content on the skin and reduce unwanted sheen, leaving skin to look and feel more beautiful. 1

  1. Peirano, R. I., Hamann, T., Düsing, H.-J., Akhiani, M., Koop, U., Schmidt-Rose, T. and Wenck, H. Topically applied l-carnitine effectively reduces sebum secretion in human skin. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 11: 30–36 (2012)
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