Categories: Marine Plant Extracts, Emulsifiers

Agar Skincare Benefits:

Agar is a polysaccharide ingredient obtained from seaweed or algae, particularly red algae (Gelidium). This biologically active ingredient, found mostly in Asia and Africa, is a complex carbohydrate that consists of mainly galactose residues. Agar’s jellified texture is highly beneficial in cosmeceutical product development. 1

Similar to carrageenan, agar’s high concentration of galactose residues works as a good emulsifier for formulas that contain ingredients with different solubility. This helps to stabilize moisturizing products, such as lotions and creams, as well as add thickness in order to provide a smoother, creamier texture. Furthermore, as a derivative of marine algae, agar is speculated to provide improved moisture-retention, which may help to reduce skin dryness. For this reason, agar is the ideal skincare ingredient to add to moisturizing products. 1 2 3

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