L'Oréal Paris is committed to Stand Up Against Street Harassment

According to an international study by L’Oréal Paris with research partner Ipsos , street harassment was identified as the most important issue faced by women across the world. Indeed, street harassment is a barrier in women’s daily life, robbing their sense of security and feelings of self-worth. It goes against the values of women empowerment, at the heart of L’Oréal Paris’ DNA. That is why L’Oréal Paris is committed to Stand Up Against Street Harassment globally.  
  • 80% of women
    have experienced sexual harassment in public spaces.
  • 76% of people
    have already witnessed sexual harassment in public spaces.
  • 86% of people
    street harassment witnesses say there is a lack of training on how to intervene 
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1”International survey on sexual harassment in public spaces,” conducted by L’Oréal Paris with Ipsos, with data gathered in 15 countries with over 15,500 participants, March 2021

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L’Oréal Paris launched the Stand Up Against Street Harassment program on March 8th, 2020, in partnership with Right To Be (formerly Hollaback!), an NGO expert in the fight against harassment of all forms. Through the international Stand Up training program, the brand aims to contribute to a culture of respect, dignity and worth, by empowering over 1,5 million people with Right To Be’s 5Ds methodology by the end of 2022. The 5D’s methodology (Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, Direct) are five simple and effective tools to help people safely intervene when they witness or experience street harassment.

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"Street harassment remains a priority issue. More than ever, we need to enter a new era of solidarity and ensure that all women feel safe in public spaces. That's why, as a brand that has always defended women's emancipation, we have developed our training programme to combat this major social challenge and invited our ambassadors, who are committed women, to join us. Together, we want to create a world where self-esteem is a right, not a privilege.”

Delphine Viguier, International Managing Director, L'Oréal Paris


With the help of local charity partners, 33 countries have launched Stand Up and more than 700 000 people around the world have been trained. 

A 2022 social impact survey by L’Oréal Paris  with research partner Ipsos revealed that the Stand Up program has significantly empowered trainees, giving them the tools and power to walk confidently in the streets. The survey highlights the incredible power the Stand Up training can have on shifting witness’ attitudes, and safely taking action: 97% of Stand Up trainees feel more empowered to intervene when witnessing street harassment compared to before their Stand Up training. In addition, more than 9 out of 10 Stand Up trainees are convinced they could do at least one thing to combat street harassment if they were to witness it (v.s 67% in the general population).

2. Social impact survey on Stand Up Against Street Harassment training, conducted by L’Oréal Paris with Ipsos, with data gathered in 4 countries with over 4 967 participants, March 2022.

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