"To be nominated as a Women of Worth means a great deal to me personally and professionally. As a woman who is focusing on changing lives and saving kids from harm, this opportunity makes me appreciate the fact that others can see the value of our work and that the Child Rescue Coalition can benefit from such amazing exposure. "
– Carly Yoost, founder of Child Rescue Coalition

About Carly Yoost

Carly’s inspiration to create the Child Rescue Coalition came from running a data solutions provider founded by her father that specialized in investigative and risk management tools and child protection technology. After her father’s passing, Carly and her sister retained ownership of the child protective technology portion of the company and co-founded the Child Rescue Coalition to help global law enforcement officials rescue children from predators and potential sexual attacks.

About Child Rescue Coalition

The Child Rescue Coalition exists for one simple, critical reason: to protect children from sexual abuse and emotional suffering and rescue them from harm’s way. The organization partners with law enforcement and child advocates around the world to shield, rescue, and safeguard children from sexual exploitation. With the use of leading-edge technology, Child Rescue Coalition is able to give law enforcement access to information that helps track, arrest and convict those who use the Internet to harm young children. In the last four years, the data provided by the CRC has led to the arrest of more than 8,000 child predators and the rescue of nearly 2,000 children who were targets of potential sexual abuse.

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