• Brow Stylist® Custom Brow Shaping Pencil Black Brown - Eyebrow Makeup

Brow Stylist® Custom Brow Shaping Pencil


How To Use
Expert Application Technique Make sure brows are clean and brushed. Use darker shade first and apply with light, feathered strokes to fill in uneven areas. Follow with lighter shade to blend and highlight.
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  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Blonde

Blends well; great shade. Very dependable.

bs1234 Schenectady, NY
  • 4
Posted: Reviewing: Blonde

This is my favorite brow shaping pencil. I would recommend this to a fried.

Jody , CA
  • 4
Posted: Reviewing: Medium Brown

I like this but would like a single pencil that doesn't have to be sharpened. This is a good one though and I like the medium brown shade. A powder brow color would be nice, too! I love the new L'Oreal website!!!

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