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Women of Worth - Each year, LOreal Paris recognizes 10 women who have dedicated their lives to serving their communities.
"I am honored to be a L'Oréal Paris Women of Worth and proud to continue shining a light on the experiences of Muslim women in our country and connect with other powerful women who are making a difference."
– Rana Abdelhamid, founder of International Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment

About Rana Abdelhamid

Rana Abdelhamid is an internationally acclaimed human rights organizer, first-degree black belt and social entrepreneur focused on the empowerment of Muslim women and other marginalized communities. She is the founder and CEO of (IM)WISE, a nonprofit organization and global grassroots movement supporting Muslim women empowerment through self-defense and skills-based training. Rana established (IM)WISE at sixteen years old, after being attacked by a stranger who tried to rip the hijab from her head. Over the past seven years, (IM)WISE has engaged thousands of participants through its self-defense programs across the US and internationally. This year, (IM)WISE held its inaugural National Muslim Women's Summit at Harvard University, training 50 Muslim American women in leadership and community organizing.

About International Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment

(IM) WISE is an international grassroots movement devoted to encouraging self-empowerment among Muslim women. With a focus on self-defense, storytelling, social entrepreneurship and organizing training, (IM) WISE helps Muslim women enact change in their communities and defend against gender and hate-based violence.

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