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Women of Worth - Each year, LOreal Paris recognizes 10 women who have dedicated their lives to serving their communities.
"Being a Women of Worth honoree validates my journey to renew their hope – and it now gives me an even stronger platform to nourish the minds, bodies and souls of my community."
– Charolette Tidwell, founder of Antioch for Youth and Family

About Charolette Tidwell

Raised by devoted parents of ten children, Charolette’s natural passion for caretaking led her to pursue a long and fulfilling career in nursing. Rather than retiring, Charolette found a new way to keep helping people, and founded a non-profit to combat her hometown’s hunger crisis. Focusing on family nutrition, mentorship for at-risk youth and elderly care, Charolette’s organization provides resources to more than 10,400 people in need, with more than 800,000 meals each year. She also spearheaded the development of a community garden to source fresh produce for her pantry, while providing more than 1,000 schoolchildren with opportunities for garden-based STEM learning.

About Antioch for Youth and Family

Antioch for Youth and Family is a non-profit organization that provides more than 800,000 meals every year to the Western Arkansas community, where one-in-five people are food insecure. The organization delivers food to low-income, elderly, disabled and struggling families, as well as food insecure children at elementary schools. In addition to the food delivery service, Antioch for Youth and Family established a seed-to-table farming initiative that focuses on family nutrition. The organization’s outreach efforts support and inspire at-risk children, deliver kindness to low-income nursing facilities and provide heartfelt family guidance and assistance to those in need throughout the community.

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