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The Right Way to Apply SPF

Sun Care & Self-Tanning

The Right Way to Apply SPF The Right Way to Apply SPF The Right Way to Apply SPF

You may know that applying SPF, in any form whether from a sunscreen, moisturizer or facial oil, everyday better protects your skin against premature and common signs of aging. It’s true that UV rays from the sun can burn and penetrate the skin deeply, causing skin cell damage which also effects the integrity of your natural collagen and elastin fibers. These reasons alone make applying SPF a must have step as a part of your regular skin care routine. Perhaps though, what is just as important as applying SPF daily is how you do so. Follow these skin care tips for correctly applying SPF for maximum protection.

SPF tip #1: Apply 30 minutes before going outside. It takes about 15 minutes for sunscreen formulas to fully absorb into dry skin – so add in some extra time to be sure your skin has absorbed the protection it needs and that it won’t rub off on your clothes or evaporate if mixed with water or sweat too soon.

SPF tip #2: First focus on your face. Make sure you use enough SPF to cover your neck, chest, face and ears completely and that the formula has entirely absorbed before applying any makeup or other skin care products. Don’t forget about your lips, look for a balm that also has SPF.

SPF tip #3: Then apply to the rest of your body. It’s important that you cover any area of the skin that may be exposed to the sun throughout your day – especially the tops of your hands – and tops of your feet if you are wearing sandals or pumps without stockings. These areas of the body often wrinkle and develop sunspots early on if not protected. Many people apply too little sunscreen, for most, the right amount of sunscreen to cover your body should fill the palm of your hand or measure out to about one ounce.

SPF tip #4: Find further protection. While this step doesn’t include actually applying SPF it’s important to consider other ways of protecting your skin from harmful UV rays too. Always pack along sunglasses and consider wearing a wide brimmed hat or light scarf in warmer months to protect your neck and chest area from the glaring sun.

SPF tip #1: Reapply and Reapply. If you’ll be outdoors all day – especially if you’re sweating or are in and out of the water – you should reapply SPF every two hours. If you’re going about your typical day consider reapplying sunscreen every four to six hours depending upon how sweaty you may get. Always reapply sunscreen if you wash your face midday, say after a lunch break workout.

Daily application of SPF is a crucial component to keeping your skin youthful and beautiful looking. A bronzed glow will fade, but the damage the sun causes your skin will remain and worsen over time. Seek shade when you can and get in the habit of making SPF application a regular part of your morning skin care routine.