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The New Way to Contour: Tontouring

Sun Care & Self-Tanning

The New Way to Contour: Tontouring The New Way to Contour: Tontouring The New Way to Contour: Tontouring

Contouring has become a makeup application staple for many that is no longer reserved for red carpets or nights spent out on the town. Today, women are contouring for daytime looks too. The use of highlighting and lowlighting techniques to contour the look of your skin can give shape to your face – and body. Some also like that they can customize their complexion by shading and blending to give the face a look of a flawless finish. The downside for some, though, is that wearing multiple primers, foundations and concealers can weigh heavy on the skin – especially in the summer when the humidity levels are at their highest.

If you love the look that contouring provides, but don’t want to wear all of the makeup that the popular method requires you do have an alternative option that can deliver similar results. Enter: Tontouring. This contour-like method uses self tanners in place of your typical contouring makeup components, so that your skin feels lighter, but still glows your features are defined. Celebrity makeup artist and L’Oréal brand ambassador Sir John shares his application tips to help your achieve the tontouring trend.

Tontouring tip #1: Exfoliate pre-application.
Before applying any self tanner to your face or body, Sir John recommends exfoliating to help smooth the surface of your skin so that you will likely have a more even application. Try using a glycolic pad to refine your skin’s surface like, RevitaLift® Bright Reveal Bright Peel Pads.

Tontouring tip #2: Use a makeup brush or dampened sponge.
Sir John’s suggests using makeup brushes or dampened sponges to apply the self tanner to your skin. This will help you have better control and lessen the risk of getting any self tanning formula on your hands or under your finger nails.

Tontouring tip #3: Apply self tanner that is formulated for your face to your face.
If you use a self tanner that is formulated for your body on your face, you could clog your pores. Apply self tanner that is formulated for your face – and not your body – under your jaw, on the sides of nose and along your hairline.

Tontouring tip #4: Define your eyes.
Then, with a small eye shadow brush dab a bit of self tanner into the crease of your eye.

Tontouring tip #5: Avoid stripes.
Use a beauty blender to soften the look of any lines.

Tontouring tip #6: Let your natural hue be the highlighter.
Leave the areas of your skin that don’t have any self tanner void of color and that will give the highlighting effect that concealers and lighter foundations supply in a typical contour.

Tontouring tip #7: Don’t stop at your face.
Sir John suggests that you also sculpt other areas like your neck, bust and arms with some tontouring action. Hit your collarbone, cleavage and outside of your arms with a light swipe of self tanner, like Sublime Bronze™ Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion Medium Natural Tan.

If you want to get the look of a natural contour with no makeup required, Sir John shares his natural contouring secret: Apply SPF 15 – 20 – formulated for the skin on your face – across your entire face. Then apply SPF 50 to the areas that you would highlight when you contour, including around your eyes, a tiny line down the center of your nose and on your lips. Once you wash your face at night, you’ll reveal a look of natural curves and definition.