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The 10-Minute Regimen For Beautiful Skin

Skin Care Essentials

The 10-Minute Regimen For Beautiful Skin The 10-Minute Regimen For Beautiful Skin The 10-Minute Regimen For Beautiful Skin

Whether you have a date night after work or are planning to rush off to an early brunch with old friends, your skin can look fresh, youthful and relaxed with only 10 minutes of attention. Your days – and nights – can take a toll, but that’s no reason to have anything less than beautiful skin. Here’s the best skincare regimen to look radiant in practically no time at all.

1. Wash your skin and exfoliate. This is a great way to get glowing skin quickly – Exfoliating will remove the superficial dead cells. Think of it like a glass that is dirty, once you clean the surface light reflects better.
2. When your skin is damp use facial oil. Especially facial oil with SPF. Facial oils not only hydrate but also create a desirable sheen (not oily shine) that produces beautiful skin that glows. The best skincare can be effortless and introducing facial oils is an easy way to step up your skin regimen.
3. Apply moisturizer. Right then, after hydrating, 30% of fine lines will go away temporarily. Your skin loses moisture so it is important to replenish what it has lost by making moisturizing, morning and night, a part of our skincare regimen.

You’ve prepped the canvas; highlight your beautiful skin with tips for a quick, no-makeup, makeup look from celebrity makeup artist, Sir John.
1. Use eye cream around your eyes and on lips. The skin around your eyes and your lips is paper-thin and doesn’t produce oil. Hydrate the prominent areas to look fresh and awake.
2. Apply foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Buff the liquid based coverage into the skin instead of swiping. Buffing will make the makeup look like it’s a part of your skin.
3. Then apply concealer: Putting your concealer on after your base foundation means you will need less of it. Heavy looking under eyes can be accentuated with makeup caked on top.
4. Brush some loose powder in your T-zone: Avoid pressed powder as it can set in fine lines and weighs heavier on the skin. It can also make you look older once settled around the eyes.