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Should You Include Toner in Your Skin Care Routine?

Skin Care Essentials

Should You Include Toner in Your Skin Care Routine? Should You Include Toner in Your Skin Care Routine? Should You Include Toner in Your Skin Care Routine?

You may ask yourself, “Do I really need a toner when it comes to my skin care routine?” The answer is pretty simple: No you don’t need it… but you may want to include the skin care product in between your daily cleansing and moisturizing efforts. You may think toners are too harsh, remembering astringents that you may have used as a teenager that strictly dried out the skin. Surprisingly though, most toners are water-based liquids that are composed of active ingredients – these ingredients vary and, in turn, offer varying effects. Toners can clean, balance and soften skin. Applying a toner after cleansing can also simply feel nice and refreshing. Toners may not be a necessary part of your skin care routine, but you may find a few reasons to consider adding the skin care product into your regular regimen.

A toner can help remove residual makeup, dirt and oil. It’s not uncommon that cleansing once won’t be effective enough to clear your skin of makeup, dirt and oil entirely – hence the double cleansing skin care trend. Using a toner after cleansing will ensure that any built-up residue is removed. Confirming that your skin is clean is important so that your pores are clear and free to accept the ingredients from your serums and creams that follow cleansing.

You can use a toner to better control excess oil. If you have oily skin, you may have already heard that toners can help control oil production and balance your skin’s pH levels. However, you have to be careful that the toner that you use will not over-dry your skin. Over drying can confuse your skin into thinking it needs to compensate for the temporary dryness by producing even more oil. Look for toners with low percentages of alcohol or salicylic acid to help unclog pores of excess oil buildup.

A toner can hydrate skin. You may not have suspected this one, but some toners can actually help to hydrate skin. Formulas with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, rosewater, chamomile and other plant-based extracts can help bring added moisture to the skin – leaving behind a soft, hydrated complexion. The HydraFresh Toner’s gentle, non-drying formula softens skin while Pro-Vitamin B5 helps protect against skin moisture loss.

Once you determine which toner type best suits your skin’s needs, saturate a cotton pad with the skin care product and gently dab the pad across your face, neck and chest after cleansing. Allow the formula to dry for a few seconds before applying your serums and creams. Toners can be especially good to use when the air is humid or dry as they can help skin stay balanced and hydrated. You may not want to use a toner every day, and that is okay – consider the benefits of the different kinds of toners and decide when you feel is best to use them.

If you’re not sure if adding a toner into your skin care routine will be worthwhile, consider asking your dermatologist for their recommendation. The skin care product may be something you can live without, but it doesn’t hurt to hear the opinion of a professional who best knows your skin and what it needs.