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10 Shaving Cream Alternatives for When You Run Out

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10 Shaving Cream Alternatives for When You Run Out 10 Shaving Cream Alternatives for When You Run Out 10 Shaving Cream Alternatives for When You Run Out

We’ve all been there—mid-shave only to realize you’ve run out of shaving cream before getting to your second leg! Rather than resorting to an uneven shave—or worse, dry shaving—there are a few shaving cream alternatives you can use in a pinch. While these aren’t permanent replacements, we’d be willing to bet you have these items somewhere in your house, so even if you have to step out of the shower for a second, they can make a handy impromptu stand-in. Below, find 10 shaving cream alternatives for when you’re all out.


One of the most popular substitutes for shaving cream is conditioner—and for a good reason! Conditioner typically has a thicker formula and soothing, hydrating ingredients, making it an easy swap for shaving cream if you’re in need. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic says that hair conditioner can be used to help your razor glide along your skin more easily.


Similar to conditioner, shampoo can also be used as a shaving cream alternative. Those with moisturizing formulas will be your best bet, though you can probably make do with whichever formula you have in your shower. If you’re using a shampoo that has a runnier consistency, make sure to apply it liberally so that you don’t accidentally apply your razor to bare skin!


You may not typically keep your body lotion in the shower, but it can make for a temporary shaving cream replacement. Its thick, creamy formula will help you get the perfect shave without hurting your skin.


Speaking of body lotion, body oil is another great substitute for shaving cream. This alternative is recommended by the Cleveland Clinic, as it can help your razor slide smoothly over your skin.


You’re likely familiar with shea butter, an ingredient known for its hydrating abilities. You may even recognize it from some of the labels of your favorite skin care, hair care, and makeup products. On its own, however, the ingredient can be used as an impromptu shaving cream.


You may have heard about the benefits of coconut oil for skin, but we have a feeling you haven’t considered using it this way. As it turns out, much like shea butter, coconut oil can be used when your shaving cream can is empty.


While we’re sure you’d much rather be smoothing some peanut butter onto a PB and J, if you need to, a layer of peanut butter can replace shaving cream in a pinch. Just don’t be surprised if your dog is obsessed with your legs post-shave! You can’t blame them—from their perspective, you’ve probably never smelt better.


When summer is in full swing, it’s likely you have some aloe vera lying around. Instead of using it to soothe your sunburn, smooth it onto your skin before shaving. The thick, jelly-like texture will give your skin a slick surface that will let the blade of your razor move seamlessly.


Back to shower staples, we’re sure you saw this alternative coming! Just like you can use shampoo and conditioner as a quick fix when you’ve run out of shaving cream, body wash can also be a handy replacement. Bonus: You’ll be able to shave and cleanse at the same time!

10. SOAP

While you likely have soap in your shower, you’ll only want to use this shaving cream alternative after you’ve exhausted all your other options. According to the Cleveland Clinic, soap can actually have an astringent effect, which can result in dry, flaky skin post-shower. With that said, if it comes down to it and you have none of the above on-hand, soap and water will work as a lubricant to help the razor glide over your skin. Just be sure to wash away any residue and follow up with a moisturizing lotion. And definitely don’t use it (or any of the above) as long-term replacements for your shaving cream or gel!

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