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Lip Love: Revive Your Dry Lips Fast

Skin Care Essentials

Lip Love: Revive Your Dry Lips Fast Lip Love: Revive Your Dry Lips Fast Lip Love: Revive Your Dry Lips Fast

Whether you have a first date, a wedding anniversary or finally a night at home with just the two of you, you’ll want to have plump, kissable lips. It may be a last minute randevú or perhaps you’ve been looking forward to this night for weeks. You’ve bought the dress, made the hair appointment, but did you forget about your flaky, dry lips that are in desperate need of hydration? Parched lips are a common woe, that most will relinquish themselves to, thinking there’s no way to solve this problem in just one day or a few hours alone. While you may not be able to solve the problem for good with just one day’s effort, you can revive the dry area for a quick fix, just in time for date night.

Kissable Lips Step #1: Scrub away flakes. Exfoliating your lips is an easy way to slough away dead skin cells and dry flakes – plus your lips will feel amazing afterwards. Just like other areas of your skin, your lips accumulate dead skin cells on its surface. If this build up is not regularly removed it can prevent your lip balm and moisturizers from getting deep enough into the skin to deliver those hydrating ingredients your dry lips need. The morning of your special date, mix two parts brown sugar and one-part coconut oil together in a small bowl. You can also add in a few drops of an essential oil to reap some aromatherapy benefits – for the lip area consider a peppermint essential oil. Then, apply the mixture to your dry lips in gentle, circular motions across both top and bottom lips. Let the mixture sit on your lips for two minutes and then rinse completely, finally pat dry. You can also apply this scrub again at night, especially if you plan on wearing a dark or bold color lipstick which can tend to accentuate the look of lip dryness.

Kissable Lips Step #2: Use a lip balm with SPF. A lip care step to get in the habit of doing everyday; applying a nourishing balm with SPF will seal in moisture and protect your dry lips from potential sun damage. Your lips will be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays just as much as the rest of your face will so it’s important to protect the delicate area with broad-spectrum protection – ideally with SPF 30 for the lips. You can skip a heavy lipstick today and save any bold statement colors for later. It may be difficult and further drying to your lips to have to remove your day color if you plan to switch it up to a different hue later.

Kissable Lips Step #3: Mix a matte gloss with petroleum jelly. If you have your heart set on a lipstick or shiny gloss, this step shouldn’t stop you, but if you’re not sold on a lip look just yet consider mixing a few drops of a matte gloss with petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly can be extremely hydrating to dry lips and its thick consistency helps create a barrier to keep moisture in the area. You can use petroleum jelly on its own for a natural, nourished look or dab a few drops of a matte color gloss and mix in with your finger. The jelly will take on a hue of the gloss, to give a subtle touch of color to the lips.

Follow these steps and your dry lips will be ready for a kiss – or two. To have nourished, kissable lips all the time, consider working these steps into your skin care routine regularly; try exfoliating weekly, applying a lip balm with SPF daily and swap out your lip stick for a DIY petroleum jelly color every so often.