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Get Glowing Skin with a Clay Mask

Skin Care Essentials

Get Glowing Skin with a Clay Mask Get Glowing Skin with a Clay Mask Get Glowing Skin with a Clay Mask

You may think that you have to spend hours in the sun to achieve glowing skin – really though, true radiance isn’t all about obtaining a bronzed complexion, as it can be more about having healthy-looking skin that is illuminated and glowing on its own. Still, you may think that having the look of naturally glowing skin is out of reach; figuring that radiant skin must take extra time and money that you just can’t seem to justify spending. So, you may be surprised to learn that glowing skin is actually attainable – and in more than way than one. Sure, a self-tanner can do the trick in a pinch, but there are other skin care products that can also help illuminate your complexion. Enter: The clay mask – and specifically a charcoal clay mask.

The charcoal in a charcoal clay mask has strong attracting properties to help detoxify your skin’s surface. The charcoal can help draw out toxins and heavy metals located on your skin’s surface. When your pores are congested with dead skin cells and other surface buildup your skin can begin to appear dull and anything but glowing. What the charcoal clay mask picks up will be washed away once you rinse off your clay mask and this can help leave your skin feeling clean, but not dehydrated and looking more bright and fresh.

While some clay masks can dry out your skin, consider looking for charcoal clay mask formulas that are creamy to the touch. This will help better ensure your skin doesn’t become dry in the process. Most clay masks should be applied to clean skin that is fresh from cleansing. The clay mask can be left on for about ten to fifteen minutes. Consider rinsing off your clay mask with lukewarm water – as hot water can be drying and cold water may not dissolve the charcoal clay mask formula well enough. Use gentle circular motions to help lather and remove the skin care formula. Follow your clay mask with a serum and moisturizer to further encourage the look of glowing skin as dry skin can also contribute to the look of skin dullness.

You can have radiant skin that glows without having to apply a fake tan or harm your skin in the process of getting a real one. Instead, help encourage the look of glowing skin by applying a charcoal clay mask two to three times a week as a part of your regular skin care routine.