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8 Reasons Why You Might Have Oily Skin

Skin Care Essentials

8 Reasons Why You Might Have Oily Skin 8 Reasons Why You Might Have Oily Skin 8 Reasons Why You Might Have Oily Skin

Your skin has small glands, called the sebaceous glands, which releases sebum, your skin’s natural oils. These oils in turn lubricate your skin and hair. If you experience oily skin, your skin is over producing these natural oils. Oily skin can be caused by external factors too, and for the most part those are influences you can control. Better manage your oily skin by first learning and understanding what may be causing it in the first place.

Oily Skin Reason #1: The weather. What climate you are in, seasonally or geographically, affects your skin’s natural oil production. Skin can become especially oily in the summer months, when the temperatures and humidity are high. You’re also more vulnerable to breakouts as the oils on your face will most likely mix with sweat. Take extra care when in hot and humid climates by adjusting what skin care products you use. Look for foaming or gel cleansers and light weight moisturizers or serums.

Oily Skin Reason #2: You’re stressed. No matter the cause, stress can wreak havoc on your body and your skin. When you are feeling stressed your body’s stress hormone, cortisol, rises. This might cause an increase in your skin’s natural oil production.

Oily Skin Reason #3: Your hormones are shifting. As hormone levels shift during your cycle, from estrogen and progesterone to testosterone ¬– about two weeks before your period – your sebaceous glands can start to over produce oil. This change is also likely to clog pores, potentially resulting in breakouts.

Oily Skin Reason #4: You haven’t exfoliated enough. Dead skin cells pile up on your skin’s surface and can mix with sweat, makeup and dirt that your face encounters throughout the day. This build up can clog pores, trapping excess sebum in the skin resulting in an oily complexion. Look for an exfoliator like, Go 360º Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub.

Oily Skin Reason #5: You’re under-cleansing. If you have oily skin you should cleanse twice a day – and especially after exercising or sweating. Your skin is producing oils on its own and is coming in contact with dirt and grim from the air, your hands and even your makeup brushes. So, it is very important that you keep your skin clean to maintain a fresh base. Try Ideal Clean™ All Skin Types Foaming Gel Cleanser, which is oil-free.

Oily Skin Reason #6: You’re over-cleansing. Yes, you can over cleanse your skin, so it’s important to keep cleansing to twice a day for the most part and try to avoid harsh scrubbing.

Oily Skin Reason #7: You’re stripping your skin’s natural oils. Washing your face or showering with extremely hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, triggering your sebaceous glands to think they have to produce more oil to make up for the loss. Also, using harsh soaps and not moisturizing after cleansing can contribute to over drying your skin and in turn trick your skin into thinking it needs to produce more oil than it actually has to. To avoid dehydrating your skin, try a lightweight serum or moisturizer like Ideal Moisture™ Even Tone All Skin Types Day/Night cream.

Oily Skin Reason #8: You’re skin’s overproducing sebum. If you truly have oily skin and it’s not in response to the environmental factors mentioned, it means that your sebaceous glands are most likely larger and produce sebum, your skin’s natural oils, in excess. For controlling shine throughout the day, carry blotting papers and tap the areas of your skin that have excess oil.

The truth still remains; if you have oily skin you have good skin. The natural hydration your skin provides itself with will better prevent against early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. The trick is simply learning how to balance your skin, and not dry it out.