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6 Ways to Start Prepping Your Skin for Winter Today

Skin Care Essentials

6 Ways to Start Prepping Your Skin for Winter Today 6 Ways to Start Prepping Your Skin for Winter Today 6 Ways to Start Prepping Your Skin for Winter Today

As winter approaches, you may already be looking for ways to update your wardrobe and warm up your abode. And while you will want to be equipped with the winter necessities, like gloves, boots, blankets and firewood, you may also want to think about updating your skin care products too. The skin care essentials that you relied on this past summer and fall, may not serve you just as well this winter season that’s fast approaching.

Remember that your skin type and needs are likely to change almost as often as the seasons themselves are bound to do. Dry skin can become drier, normal skin types may appear dull and even those who typically have oily skin, may notice that their skin becomes a bit drier in the winter. When the chill sneaks up and the air becomes drier, it’s normal for your skin to experience dryness and appear dull and lackluster in response. And, your foaming cleanser and lightweight serum may not be able to deliver to your skin the same desirable results that it had in seasons past. So, think about giving your skin the skin care essentials it will need today, so that you can avoid dry, and flaky skin before the winter season begins.

Winter skin care prep step #1: Find a nourishing way to cleanse. Instead of using foaming or gel-based cleansers, opt for a gentler and hydrating way to cleanse your winter skin. It’s common for skin to become dry during winter, even if you experience more oily skin in other months throughout the year. So, better care for your winter skin by cleansing it with a skin care product that will nourish it while it cleanses. Cream cleansers, micellar water formulas and some facial wipe options can clean your skin of surface build up without stripping it of the natural moisture it needs.

Winter skin care prep step #2: Refine rough, dead skin cells. Dead skin cells can pile up on the surface of your skin every single day if they are not regularly shed or exfoliated. And, if you are already experiencing more winter skin dryness then you are used to, you may want to focus on exfoliating more often. Typically, exfoliating two to three times a week can help refine rough, winter skin. Facial scrubs, refining masks and pre-soaked glycolic acid peel pads are all good exfoliating options that can help skin slough away dead skin cell build up on the surface of skin. Once removed, your once dry, flaky winter skin can appear more fresh and bright. So, take some time to find an exfoliating method that suits your needs and skin type and try to make it a point to incorporate this refining skin care step into your routine throughout the week.

Winter skin care prep step #3: Pick a daytime moisturizer with SPF. Daily SPF application should be a regular part of your daily skincare routine, no matter what season it may be. And, while many may have SPF application more top-of-mind throughout the summer months, protecting your skin with SPF broad spectrum protection in the winter is truly just as important – and even more so in some cases. The snow reflects sunlight, so if you find yourself outdoors with your skin unprotected you may be leaving it twice as vulnerable to skin aging UV rays. Care for your winter skin by shielding it with a day cream formulated with SPF broad spectrum protection every day. And, take extra precautions by covering your hands with gloves and your neck with a scarf when you can.

Winter skin care prep step #4: Moisturize your skin in more way than one. Think about layering moisturizing skin care products this upcoming season so that you can ward off skin dryness before it starts. Consider first applying a lightweight serum to your skin before applying your day or night cream. You may also want to apply an eye cream to the corners of your eyes and underneath them – as this area tends to show signs of skin aging, which can be exacerbated by dryness early-on. Finally, consider also applying facial oil to your skin – especially if you’ve experienced excess winter skin dryness in the past. These formulas are nourishing to dry skin and can help seal-in added moisture on the surface of your skin – so that it better stays where it needs to be throughout your day or night.

Winter skin care prep step #5: Consider adding an illuminating face mask into your routine. Keep up your skin’s natural glow, even when it’s cold as ice outside, by detoxifying and illuminating your winter skin with a clay mask skin care formula. If your skin is starting to appear more dry and dull as the winter months grow colder, help boost its look of natural radiance by applying a face mask two to three times a week for ten to fifteen minutes. When ready to remove it, rinse the face mask away with lukewarm, tepid – never hot – water, as scalding temperatures can cause unnecessary skin dryness. Once washed away, your skin can feel smoother and appear more radiant too.

Winter skin care prep step #6: Find ways to surge skin with extra moisture at night. A great time to treat your skin to nourishing skin care formulas is at night, while you sleep. Once you are done for the day, take advantage of your resting hours by surging your skin with a rich, nourishing night cream or overnight face mask. You will treat your skin to extra moisture when that added hydration is more likely to stay in place on your skin – where it needs it – instead of evaporating away into the cold, dry winter air.

Get your skin ready for the cold winter season ahead by looking to nourishing skin care products today. Prep your skin by equipping yourself with a nourishing cleansing option, gentle exfoliator, SPF formulated day cream, serum, facial oil, an illuminating face mask and a hydrating night cream or overnight mask. And, remember that you should try to be flexible with your skin care routine so that you can give your skin what it needs, even if those needs change throughout the year.