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5 Ways to Encourage Beautiful Skin in Time for Thanksgiving

Skin Care Essentials

5 Ways to Encourage Beautiful Skin in Time for Thanksgiving 5 Ways to Encourage Beautiful Skin in Time for Thanksgiving 5 Ways to Encourage Beautiful Skin in Time for Thanksgiving

You might be equipped with the perfect recipe for a delicious turkey and have a few gorgeous gourds at the ready to decorate with, but is your skin just as prepared for this Thanksgiving as your table? Utilize your time in the kitchen wisely by whipping up some DIY skin care while you prepare your meal. And incorporate a few smart skin care products into your routine so that you’ll be glowing with beautiful skin by turkey time. You likely spent the whole day, or more, getting your meal together, so be sure to squeeze in a little space to get yourself ready too – you deserve it!

Thanksgiving skin care prep #1: Start fresh with micellar water. You might have built up a sweat while chopping, brining and baking all your festive food favorites, so avoid going right to applying your makeup when you start to get yourself ready for dinner. Instead, focus on preparing your skin for the night ahead. Wash away surface dirt, oil and sweat that may have accumulated while you were cooking up a storm with the help of micellar water. Micellar water offers a hydrating way to cleanse skin, thanks to its moisturizing properties – and this makes it a well suited match for skin that is dry from spending hours in a hot kitchen. Simply moisten a cotton pad with a few drops of micellar water, wipe it across your skin and let it air-dry – you’ll have clean skin in no time.

Thanksgiving skin care prep #2: Exfoliate with a glycolic acid peel pad. Help remove dry dead skin cells from skin’s surface, that can cover up your skin’s natural glow. Again, it only takes a minute or two to swipe a pre-soaked chemical exfoliating peel pad across your forehead, nose and chin. Alpha hydroxy acids, like glycolic acid, can work to dissolve away flaky, dull skin cells to reveal younger, brighter looking skin that was buried underneath.

Thanksgiving skin care prep #3: Apply a cranberry face mask: Now, to really ramp up your beautiful skin potential, apply a DIY face mask with ingredients you likely have on hand this time of year: Skincare.coms’s DIY Cranberry Mask includes fresh antioxidant-packed cranberries, honey—a humectant that can help to attract and lock in moisture—and coconut oil. You’ll need ½ tbsp. coconut oil, ½ tbsp. raw honey and 1 ½ tbsp. cranberry puree. If you don’t have time to make your own cranberry puree, you can substitute by using canned cranberry puree instead— just make sure that it is organic and the can is BPA free suggests

1. In a small saucepan, measure out 1 cup of fresh cranberries and 1 ½ tablespoons of water and cook on low heat until the cranberries are soft.
2. Once the cranberries are soft, place them in a blender or food processor to puree them.
3. Allow time for the cranberry puree to cool before adding in your coconut oil and honey.
4. Apply a thin layer of the face mask to your skin.

Apply the face mask, and then let it rest on your skin for ten to fifteen minutes while you continue your meal prep, whether that’s slicing up some veggies or filling your pie with apples. Then rinse it away with a lukewarm washcloth.

Thanksgiving skin care prep #4: Moisturize for glowing skin. Promote the look of a luminous glow and replenish your skin after it’s been cleansed and exfoliated with a hydrating face serum and cream. First apply a lightweight hydrating serum and then apply a face cream formulated with antioxidants to help boost your skin’s natural look of radiance. Use gentle, upward motions when applying your skin care products. If you want to promote the look of even more nourished, glowing skin, apply a few drops of facial oil to your cheekbones. The luminous skin care product can work as a highlighter, attracting light to the areas of your skin where you apply it.

Thanksgiving skin care prep #5: Address dry hands from all of that pre and post-dinner cleanup. Once all the pots and pans have been rinsed and dishes washed, treat your hands to a DIY hand scrub. If you want soft, smooth hands, exfoliation is key. Exfoliating your skin with a mechanical exfoliant—like’s DIY Himalayan salt and honey scrub—can help slough off dead skin cell buildup and promote a smoother skin surface. Mix: ¼ cup of melted coconut oil, 1 cup of fine Himalayan salt, 1 teaspoon of raw honey and 10-15 drops of rose essential oil together in a small bowl.

1. Combine coconut oil, honey and rose oil.
2. Next, pour in 1 cup of fine Himalayan salt and stir. If you find that the consistency is too liquid, you may add more salt. if it is too thick, you may add more coconut oil.
3. Once everything is combined, scoop the scrub into a small airtight container and keep it by your sink or use right away.
4. Rinse and then apply a nourishing hand cream.

Protect your beautiful skin if you still have to run some errands by applying a day cream or another skin care product that is formulated with SPF broad spectrum protection. Even if the air is a little chilly and the sky a bit cloudy, the sun’s harmful rays can still reach and negatively impact your skin. Foster and maintain your most beautiful skin so that you can look and feel your best when it’s time to finally carve that turkey. You won’t only be receiving compliments on your delicious meal, but on your beautiful skin too.