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5 Ways to Encourage a Natural Glow and Address Skin Dullness

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5 Ways to Encourage a Natural Glow and Address Skin Dullness 5 Ways to Encourage a Natural Glow and Address Skin Dullness 5 Ways to Encourage a Natural Glow and Address Skin Dullness

Everyone loves the look of glowing skin, but truly exuding a natural radiance can have more to do with your skin care routine than glowing skin genes alone. Your skin can appear lackluster for a few reasons, one of those possibilities being that dead skin cells have piled up on the surface of your skin, which can cause that look of overall skin dullness. You may also experience dull skin because your oil producing glands will start to slow down as you age, this can make skin can appear more dry and dull. Fortunately, though, there can be even more ways to address dull skin then there are causes. Here, take a look at some tips for glowing skin so that you can better address dullness, feel and look your best.

#1: Dissolve away dullness for glowing skin that lasts. That buildup of dry, dead skin cells on your skin’s surface can make anyone’s skin look dull. Exfoliating with either a mechanical method, like massaging your skin with your hands or facial scrubber, or chemical method, like a glycolic acid peel pad, can help break up those layers of dullness. Once the dead skin cells are dissolved your newer, younger skin cells with be revealed. This fresh layer will appear bright and help encourage the look of radiant skin.

#2: Encourage a natural glow by moisturizing. Hydrating your skin is one of the best things you can do for glowing skin. Try face moisturizers that are formulated with both glycolic acid and vitamin C. Not only will your skin receive antioxidant protection, but the skin care combo can also enhance skin brightness. And, don’t forget about your body too, have glowing skin from head to toe by applying a body moisturizer formulated with shine elements.

#3: Protect and preserve radiant skin with SPF. Sun burnt skin appears red and dry – not radiant. Try to get in the habit of applying SPF with broad spectrum protection every day, especially if you are going to spend more than twenty minutes outside at a time. Remember, glowing skin is hydrated and healthy-looking, not burnt or peeling.

#4: Remove makeup for glowing skin in the AM. Leaving your makeup on a night can contribute to a bunch of skin woes, including skin dullness. To better encourage a natural glow, clean your skin of makeup at night so that you can be sure your skin is clean and excess build up is removed and not blocking your glowing skin potential.

#5: Exercise to help boost your natural glow. A workout, no matter your method of choice be it yoga, running or a Zumba class, is your body’s natural way to reduce oxidative stress on your skin. When you are relaxed your complexion can appear brighter. Not to mention, that a quick exercise session can help get your blood pumping, and in turn help bring about that look of a natural glow.

You can have the look of a natural glow without spending time in the sun or looking to glowing skin beauty products. Start and end your day with the necessary glowing skin tips to help maintain and foster your most radiant skin. Need glowing skin fast? Try these weekend tips for glowing skin.