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4 Beautiful Skin Benefits of Exercise

Skin Care Essentials

4 Beautiful Skin Benefits of Exercise 4 Beautiful Skin Benefits of Exercise 4 Beautiful Skin Benefits of Exercise

You surely know that exercising can benefit your overall health in many ways, but were you aware that working out can also promote beautiful skin too? Add it to the already lengthy list of fitness pluses, a clear, radiant complexion may also accompany a trimmer waistline and toned body.

As skin ages, the outer layer of the skin, referred to as the stratum corneum, can become denser and dry. Just like your muscles in your body, your skin can ward off some signs of aging and look its best when it is strong. The best skin care plan goes beyond the bottle and really involves an overall lifestyle commitment if you want to truly have beautiful skin. Here are four benefits of exercise for your skin to help you look your best for the years to come.

Beautiful skin benefit #1: Releases toxins. Working up a sweat can help your skin expel some environmental pollutants, dirt and built up oil that collect on the skin throughout the day. Remember to cleanse your skin after a workout to effectively clean your skin of the sweat and toxins and follow up by applying moisturizer to replenish the skin of some of the moisture it has lost.

Beautiful skin benefit #2: Gives you a glow. When you work out, your heart rate will become elevated and blood flow increases. Exercise may help you to look more radiant and awake. The initial flushed-look may dissipate as your heart rate lowers, but you’ll see that your skin may maintain a healthy glow – especially the more regularly you exercise.

Beautiful skin benefit #3: Relieves stress. Stress can take a toll on your body – and your skin. Facial tension and even exhaustion that can occur from stress may wear you out and cause your skin to look less radiant – and maybe even aged. The best skin care routine should include ways to reduce stress. Exercising can relieve stress and release feel-good endorphins, which can help reduce everyday tension in your body.

Beautiful skin benefit #4: Helps you sleep more soundly. When you are able to fit in exercise you may notice you sleep better. You body is ready to recharge so it doesn’t put up a fight when it’s time to turn in. Sleep can help your skin appear more radiant and even help protect against some signs of skin fatigue around the eyes.

You don’t have to live in the gym to reap the beautiful skin benefits of exercise. Working in fitness classes, a jog or even a weight-training session about 30 minutes a day could get your skin started on the right track. Try to get in a routine where you start your day with a light sweat, either by jumping rope or doing a few yoga poses. Then try to work in a few longer sweat sessions throughout your week.