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3 Simple Changes to Make to Your Skin Care Routine this Fall

Skin Care Essentials

3 Simple Changes to Make to Your Skin Care Routine this Fall 3 Simple Changes to Make to Your Skin Care Routine this Fall 3 Simple Changes to Make to Your Skin Care Routine this Fall

You may be more than ready to trade in your flip flops for boots, iced coffee for pumpkin lattes and warm weather for some cool, fall air. But, those seasonal trade-offs might not be the only changes to make as summer turns to fall; your skin care routine may need a little adjusting as well. With cooler temperatures, less humidity and more time spent inside, your skin care routine could benefit from a little update. Here’s the skin care swaps to make this fall:

Fall skin care routine update #1: Try a more nourishing, gentle way to cleanse. It’s common for your skin to experience more sweat and oil in the summer, when humidity levels are high. But as temperatures begin to cool off and the humidity tapers off a bit too, your skin may not be as oily and may not need that foaming or gel-based cleanser that you were using all summer. These kinds of cleansers are good to use when your skin is producing excess oil, as they can dissolve some of that greasy buildup away. However, when your skin is dry or not overproducing oil, they can strip your skin a bit too harshly of its natural moisture. So, this fall if your skin is transitioning from oily to dry consider looking for a nourishing cream cleanser, micellar water, non-drying toner or hydrating facial wipe to use as a skin cleansing option.

Fall skin care routine update #2: Refine skin dullness. If your skin is looking a bit dry, dull and rough from a summer season spent in chlorinated pools and on sandy beaches, try encouraging skin that appears more smooth and supple by exfoliating on a regular basis. If you chose a mechanical method of exfoliation, like with a refining face mask, you can typically apply it two to three times a week to help slough away dead skin cell pile up. You can also try exfoliating your skin with a chemical method, like with a glycolic acid peel pad. Some of these formulas are gentle enough to be used on a daily basis, and can help dissolve away surface build up to reveal fresh skin and a natural glow. When deciding on an exfoliating option, consider your skin type; mechanical exfoliating cleansers, face masks and scrubs may be better suited for oily skin types while glycolic acid peel pads and other chemical exfoliators may be more ideal for those with dry skin.

Fall skin care routine update #3: Look for new ways to bring a natural glow to your skin. While your tan may fade, there are other ways aside from sun bathing – which can do more harm than good when it comes to the health of your skin anyway – that can help encourage a natural glow. Moisturizing your skin in general is one way to help encourage the look of glowing skin. So, replenish your skin with a hydrating face cream or lotion after cleansing. And, to really ramp up the look of a natural glow, consider applying a nourishing facial oil to your skin, either on its own or with your daily moisturizer. To wake up with the look of a natural glow, you could also surge your skin with moisture while you sleep by applying an overnight mask after removing your makeup and cleansing your skin at before bed.

The best skin care routine is one that is flexible and simple to adjust to your skin’s evolving needs as the different seasons – and their particular set of skin challenges – come and go. Cozy up to a few simple skin care routine changes this fall and your beautiful skin will thank you for it.