skin care essentials 3 Ingredients in Your Diet That May Be Sabotaging Your Beautiful Skin

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When it comes to your skin, what you eat might be influencing your complexion. Many foods, like those rich in omega-3 fatty acids or high vitamin C and beta-carotene can help improve the look of your skin and even help slow the development of some typical signs of skin aging like wrinkles or skin dullness. On the other hand, though, some foods and ingredients in your diet might also sabotage beautiful skin.

A healthy diet won’t guarantee beautiful skin, but it can encourage it. Adding in leafy greens, orange-y fruits and vegetables and fish, like salmon, and nuts, like almonds, may help give your skin a beautiful glow. Still, there are some foods to consider reducing in your diet too:

Beautiful skin sabotager #1: Sugar. Refined sugars in your favorite candies and baked goods may not only affect your waistline, but your skin too. Sweets or added sugar in your diet may raise your blood sugar levels, which can weaken the skin.

Beautiful skin sabotager #2: Salt. Sprinkling salt on top of your morning eggs or dinner plate too often may cause you to retain excess water. If you notice extra puffiness in your face, especially in your under-eye area, consider putting away the saltshaker and opt for snacks low in sodium, in place of the usual afternoon pretzels and chips.

Beautiful skin sabotager #3: Carbohydrates. High-glycemic index foods like, white bread, bagels and pasta, raise your blood sugar levels. Foods that rank high on the glycemic index (GI) scale raise blood sugar levels more quickly than foods on the lower end, like multi-grain bread, peanuts and beans. If you’ve noticed your skin breaking out more often, take a look at what you have been eating. Try swapping out foods that may rank high for lower GI foods, touch base with your dermatologist and see if you notice a difference.

You most likely have heard it before, but for most, the best advice to remember is to keep everything in moderation. If you can’t think of giving up your guilty pleasures entirely, that’s okay. Instead, be mindful of what you eat and how often you indulge, try to balance your diet with foods that promote beautiful skin and always remain hydrated to maintain and foster a naturally radiant complexion.