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The Clear Skin Cheat Sheet

Skin Care Concerns

The Clear Skin Cheat Sheet The Clear Skin Cheat Sheet The Clear Skin Cheat Sheet

Breakouts and blemishes seem to always pop up at the most inopportune times, only leaving you a small window to address them. If you have an event coming up, go on the offensive and follow this cheat sheet to keep breakouts at bay.

Clear skin cheat sheet tip #1: Start your day with a fresh face. In the days leading up to your event, be sure that you cleanse your skin every morning so that you can properly wash away any sweat and oil that can build up on your skin overnight. If you leave this buildup on your skin, it can mix with your moisturizer and makeup – and then possibly clog your pores.

Clear skin cheat sheet tip #2: Look for a gentle way to exfoliate. Exfoliating scrubs can be harsh on some skin types, especially if used regularly. Instead, exfoliate with a pre-soaked glycolic acid peel pad. These skin care formulas are typically gentle enough to use on a daily basis. They’ll work to dissolve away surface buildup, so that your skin is free of debris that can mix with oil and cause breakouts.

Clear skin cheat sheet tip #3: Purify oily skin with a face mask. Two to three times a week, apply a purifying face mask that can help break down excess oil and clear away surface dirt from your skin. A face mask can help give you that look and feel of fresh face, so that your chances of clear skin are higher as your event approaches.

Clear skin cheat sheet tip #4: Always replenish skin with moisture. Over-dried skin should never be your goal, so don’t be tempted to skip moisturizing your skin after cleansing. When you intentionally dry-out your skin, it tricks itself into thinking it needs to produce more oil to make up for the temporary dryness. So, you could end up with even more pore-clogging oil on the surface of your skin. Try moisturizing with lightweight serums and lotions that will hydrate your skin, but not clog it.

Clear skin cheat sheet tip #5: Switch out heavy, oil based formulas. Some beauty products you use every day may be oil-based or be considered comedogenic products. These beauty and skin care products can clog your pores. So, switch out these products for non-comedogenic skin care products instead. Typically, you will see non-comedogenic mentioned on the label.

Clear skin cheat sheet tip #6: Remove makeup at night. No matter how tired you are at night, you should always remove your makeup and cleanse your skin before bed – especially if you want to have beautiful looking skin for your event that’s just around the corner. Determine which makeup removal method you like best and stick with it, so that you can be sure that you turn in with clean skin and have better chances of waking with clear skin too.

If you’re prone to breakouts and blemishes and have a big event coming up, try not to stress. Instead, think ahead and follow these clear skin tips. You may find that they are worth working into your regular skin care routine too!