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The Best Skin Care Routine For Dull Skin

Skin Care Concerns

The Best Skin Care Routine For Dull Skin The Best Skin Care Routine For Dull Skin The Best Skin Care Routine For Dull Skin

Beautiful skin always seems to be connected to having an inner glow or a natural radiance. If you’re experiencing dull skin you may find it difficult to achieve a glowing, gorgeous complexion. Typically, skin dullness can be a result of too much UV exposure that has damaged your skin overtime. Pollution, cold weather and smoking can also contribute to the look of dull skin. However, very commonly, dullness can simply be a by-product of aging. As your skin ages it tends to lose that rosy, youthful glow; in part because your skin’s natural oil production will begin to slow down as you get older. Excessive dryness and dark spots, two more common signs of skin aging, may also contribute to an overall look of skin dullness or a lackluster complexion. Follow these five steps as a part of the best skin care routine to help improve the look of dull skin:

The best skin care routine for dull skin step #1: Exfoliate. After cleansing, slough away dead skin cells that pile up on the outer layer of your skin. The collection of dead skin cells can contribute to the look of dull skin – and also prevent your other skin care products from penetrating deep enough to work effectively. Natural cell turnover slows down as you age; in your 20s the cycle happens about every 28 days, compared to about every 35 days in your 40s. This simply means that exfoliating should become increasingly important and an essential part of your skin care routine. Removing the build up of dead skin cells will leave your skin looking refreshed and one step closer to radiant.

The best skin care routine for dull skin step #2: Smooth and firm with retinoid. Retinoid, a derivative of Vitamin A, can help the look of your skin’s texture by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It may also help keep pores clear of built up debris by reducing the amount of oils your skin produces naturally. Retinoid moisturizers, like RevitaLift® Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Face & Neck Contour Cream , help to diminish the look of dull skin by temporarily shrinking your pores, providing a smoother, more lustrous look overall.

The best skin care routine for dull skin step #3: Brighten with vitamin C. Vitamin C can help protect your skin against free-radical damage. It also has brightening qualities when used as an ingredient in your skin care products. Eating foods rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants can also help your skin regain a healthy glow, try incorporating mangoes, papaya, strawberries and kale into your diet.

The best skin care routine for dull skin step #4: Renew with facial oil. Before applying your cream or moisturizer dab four to five drops of facial oil into your palm and use your finger tips to apply the oil in upward motions. Try Age Perfect® Glow Renewal Facial Oil , which will help to renew and nourish your dull skin with eight essential oils.

The best skin care routine for dull skin step #5: Highlight with moisturizer. A trick from celebrity makeup artist Sir John : Apply moisturizer, instead of a highlighter, to your cheekbones, under your brow, on your nose and forehead. A dull skin tip that is especially good for dry, cold winter months: Applying moisturizer as a highlighter will provide a dewy, but not shiny, complexion.

Revitalize your skin and help prevent dullness no matter the cause, by following the best skin care routine for healthy, radiant skin.