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Need A Skin Care Pick-Me-Up? 5 Ways to Help a Bad Skin Day

Skin Care Concerns

Need A Skin Care Pick-Me-Up? 5 Ways to Help a Bad Skin Day Need A Skin Care Pick-Me-Up? 5 Ways to Help a Bad Skin Day Need A Skin Care Pick-Me-Up? 5 Ways to Help a Bad Skin Day

Bad skin days have a tendency to pop up at the worst of times. Typically, your skin will breakout or appear dull and flaky on the days when you will be expected to take picture after picture; documenting your bad skin day for all to see for the years to come. But, you don’t have to succumb to your bad skin day, whether your skin is looking tired, blah or blemished, these skin care tips can help give your complexion a boost when you need it most.

Bad skin day booster #1: Start with a clean canvas. While washing your face won’t necessarily wash away your skin care woe, whatever it may be, cleansing your skin can help to set the stage for other skin care steps that can also help. Think about your skin type and choose a cleansing option that best suits its needs. If your skin is extra oily, try a foaming or gel-based cleanser. Or, if your skin is dry and dull look for a cream cleanser or hydrating micellar water formula.

Bad skin day booster #2: Slough away dullness. If your skin is looking tired and lackluster, give it a quick refining boost by exfoliating its surface. Sloughing away dead surface skin cells will reveal, younger, brighter-looking cells that were buried underneath. If your skin is dry or sensitive, consider using a pre-soaked glycolic acid peel pad to dissolve away dead cells from skin’s surface and if your skin is oily look for an exfoliating facial scrub or mask.

Bad skin day booster #3: Address your concerns with a face mask. Take ten to fifteen minutes to address your specific skin care concern with a face mask. If excess oil and shine is what’s causing your bad skin day, try a face mask that can purify your pores and mattify shine. If your skin is looking dull and drab, try a face mask that can illuminate your lackluster complexion.

Bad skin day booster #4: Moisturize to promote the look of a healthy glow. Address a dull complexion with moisture, apply a hydrating trio of skin care products, layering a serum, moisturizer and facial oil to ramp up skin’s radiance.

Bad skin day booster #5: Apply a skin smoother to blur imperfections. Sometimes, when you use a bunch of makeup to cover-up your skin imperfections, you may be making them appear even more noticeable. Heavy foundations and concealers can appear caked on over blemishes and fine lines and wrinkles can appear exaggerated when heavy powders set in the creases. Instead of piling on the makeup, opt for a fresh face look by applying a skin smoother in place of foundation, concealer or powder. A skin smoother can help blur the look of imperfections and hydrate your skin too.

Battle your bad skin day with a little know-how and a few skin care tips that can help give your complexion the boost it needs. And, if a breakout is the cause of your bad skin day, consider trying out skin care tips from this clear skin cheat sheet to better address more bad skin days in the future.