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7 Tips That Can Benefit Very Dry Skin

Skin Care Concerns

7 Tips That Can Benefit Very Dry Skin 7 Tips That Can Benefit Very Dry Skin 7 Tips That Can Benefit Very Dry Skin

Very dry skin can flake, be rough to the touch, itch, crack and even just be plainly uncomfortable at times. Our skin needs moisture from water and oils to stay soft. Dryness and dullness can be a result of a loss of moisture. Any given person can have dry skin either chronically or at different times throughout their life.

While very dry skin can mean that your skin cells aren’t producing enough oils to provide the right amount of hydration there are also other external causes. If you live in, or are visiting, a dry climate or extremely cold climate, you skin could experience dryness. The humidity or dry, cold air draws the moisture out of skin. Certain chemicals like chlorine can also cause dryness as well as spending a lot of time swimming or in water in general.

Age can also be a factor as skin becomes more thin and dry later in life. Skin may lose that youthful glow and in place experience dullness. Very dry skin can put years on your complexion. The build up of dead skin cells can add to the flakiness and dullness you may experience on your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.

Certainly uncomfortable, dryness also takes away a healthy glow from your skin. If you’ve experienced very dry skin throughout your life you may think there is not much you can do to improve your skin’s look and feel. But, with a few tweaks and a newfound commitment to moisturizing – in more way than one – you can achieve a more hydrated outcome.

1. Switch to cold water and take shorter showers. Spend only five-ten minutes in the shower. The longer you spend in water the more natural moisture you lose. Additionally hot water removes your natural oils more quickly than cool or cold water.
2. Use an oil or cream-based cleanser. Harsh or foaming cleansers strip oils from the skin causing unnecessary dryness. Cream and oil based cleansers will provide extra moisture and still leave your face feeling fresh and clean. Try RevitaLift® Radiant Smoothing Cream Cleanser. Gently massage the cleanser, try not to harshly scrub your face, which can add to the look and feel of very dry skin.
3. Moisturize right after cleansing. Lock in the moisture from washing your face right away. Pat your face dry – don’t rub – and apply a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has moisturizing and anti-aging benefits as it plumps skin and helps the skin retain moisture.
4. Try facial oil. Facial oil formulas, like Age Perfect® Glow Renewal Facial Oil, are non greasy and nourish and replenish dullness. Applying a few drops to the skin before moisturizing, in the morning and at night, will help you regain a youthful, more hydrated appearance.
5. Exfoliate at least three times a week. It’s important that you remove the build up of dead skin cells that can pile up on your face and create the look of dullness and feeling of very dry skin. Again, don’t scrub or aggressively rub your face, gently massage the exfoliator in circular motions. Look for a formula that is mild enough to use everyday, try something like Go 360° Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub, which comes with a unique scrubbing tool to better clean and buff away dirt and dead skin cells.
6. Use a humidifier at home. This will especially help if you find yourself in a dry climate, humidifiers will keep the air in your home moist.
7. Apply an overnight mask. Not only will applying an overnight mask like RevitaLift® Triple Power™ Intensive Overnight Mask every night for one week hydrate very dry skin, but it comes along with anti-aging benefits too.