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7 Skin Care Products to Bust Winter Skin Dryness

Skin Care Concerns

7 Skin Care Products to Bust Winter Skin Dryness 7 Skin Care Products to Bust Winter Skin Dryness 7 Skin Care Products to Bust Winter Skin Dryness

Winter skin dryness can become a big problem, fast. If not addressed, dry skin cannot only become uncomfortable, but can cause your otherwise beautiful skin to appear flaky, uneven and dull. The cold winter air outside and dry indoor heat assaulting skin can exacerbate winter dry skin as the season goes on. So, nip winter skin dryness in the bud from that first sign of parched, dry skin. If you think there’s not much you can do, consider taking a look at the skin care products you’re using to help. If they’re comprised of what you used over the summer, that may be the first warning sign that what your using isn’t helping your hydrating efforts, but possibly hurting them instead. Hydrate and nourish your skin to keep dryness at bay with the help of these moisturizing skin care products:

Winter dry skin buster #1: Cream cleanser. For skin that’s clean, but not flaky and dry, consider using a cream cleanser this season. Gel or foaming cleansers may be too harsh for use this winter. In addition to removing surface dirt, sweat and oil, they may also strip your skin of the little natural moisture it has left – and this is oil you’ll want to preserve, not eliminate completely. A cream cleanser can still deliver a clean, fresh feel depriving skin of its natural moisture. And, remember this good skin care routine rule to always follow, but especially this season: Wash your face using lukewarm, tepid water, as hot water can further strip your skin.

Winter dry skin buster #2: Micellar water. Another product to try to avoid stripping your skin of the little natural moisture it may have is to remove your makeup and even cleanse your skin with micellar water. Micellar water can remove makeup and clear away surface impurities while hydrating your skin at the same time. It requires no water for wetting or rinsing your skin and the formula dries without having to be rubbed or patted, again removing an element of your skin care routine that can exacerbate dryness.

Winter dry skin buster #3: Chemical exfoliator: A chemical exfoliator involves the use of beta-hydroxy acid—salicylic acid—alpha-hydroxy acids—glycolic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid, among others—or enzymes—pumpkin, papaya, etc.—to chemically break down surface buildup says While mechanical—or physical – exfoliation, like with a salt or sugar scrub, may be too harsh on already dry skin. Chemical exfoliators typically are more gentle on your skin, using the solution from the pre-soaked pad to gradually dissolve away dead skin cells that can cause a dry, flaky-looking complexion. Consider exfoliating with a chemical exfoliator about two or three times a week after cleansing. This will help dissolve away dry, dead skin cells, revealing brighter, younger-looking cells that were hidden underneath the flaky, dull buildup.

Winter dry skin buster #4: Hydrating serum. Instead of simply relying on your daytime or nighttime moisturizer to hydrate your skin, consider layering moisturizing skin care products to hydrate. Apply a lightweight, hydrating serum under your day or night cream to nourish winter skin dryness with multiple layers of moisture. Coating your skin with a little extra moisture may be just the hydration boost it needs this season.

Winter dry skin buster #5: Antioxidant-formulated day cream. Your day cream should not only moisturize your skin, but protect it too. Environmental elements like free oxygen radicals produced by both air pollution and UV rays, can make dry skin worse – not to mention spark some early signs of skin aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. These environmental factors cause oxygen in the atmosphere to separate, creating free oxygen radicals, when the molecule can’t find its other half, it attaches to your skin instead, breaking down the necessary fibers that give skin its firmness and bounce. Protect your dry winter skin by finding a day cream that is formulated with SPF broad spectrum protection, antioxidants and moisturizing elements to offer your skin the hydration and protection it needs.

Winter dry skin buster #6: Face mask. Two to three times a week, apply an illuminating face mask to provide your skin with an extra dose of hydrating moisture. Sometimes, if a skin care concern, like winter skin dryness, isn’t given a little special attention is can be difficult to sufficiently address. Putting forth a concentrated effort, like applying a face mask may be just what your winter dry skin needs. Look for a formula that can moisturize and illuminate your dry skin and stay away from mattifying face masks that may pull out too much of your skin’s natural moisture that it desperately needs now.

Winter dry skin buster #7: Night cream. Replenish your skin with another surge of moisture at night, when your skin’s recuperating abilities are optimal. Whether you reach for a night cream or overnight mask, be sure that you apply it with gentle, upward motions. Harsh, rubbing or pulling can make dry, flaky skin worse, undoing the hydrating potential of your skin care products.

Always consider the skin care products you use this season and stay away from moisture stripping formulas, like gel cleansers or alcohol-based makeup removers. And, provide your skin with extra moisture and attention when you can.