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5 Reasons Why Your Skin is Breaking Out + Clear Skin Care Fixes

Skin Care Concerns

5 Reasons Why Your Skin is Breaking Out + Clear Skin Care Fixes 5 Reasons Why Your Skin is Breaking Out + Clear Skin Care Fixes 5 Reasons Why Your Skin is Breaking Out + Clear Skin Care Fixes

No matter what the latest and greatest anti-breakout skin care product is that you may try, do you still find new blemishes day-in and day-out? For some, their body’s natural makeup may have something to do with the development of some breakouts, but there could be some other external influences too. While your oil-producing glands may just be a bit overactive and that increased oil production can cause your pores to become clogged and breakout, there are other factors too that may be contributing to those everyday blemishes that you just can’t seem to beat.

Breakout & blemish factor #1: Your diet may need a little adjusting. While there is some wavering opinion on whether or not diet directly influences your skin, some studies have shown that high-glycemic foods and sweets like candy and soda may contribute to the development of some breakouts and blemishes. Consider replacing some of these questionable skin snacks with antioxidant rich fruits and veggies when you can.

Breakout & blemish factor #2: You’ve been touching your face with your hands… Or, what has been touching your face, like your phone or pillow case, isn’t clean. When bacteria and germs come into contact with your skin, it may be more likely to experience a breakout. Try to get in the habit of keeping your hands away from your face and keep the items that touch your skin regularly as clean as possible.

Breakout & blemish factor #3: Your favorite beauty products might be clogging your pores. Comedogenic products, beauty and skin care products, like some sunscreens and foundations, can block your pores and cause your skin to breakout. Try looking for products that are labeled as non-comedogenic, so that that the items you apply everyday aren’t blocking your pores and contributing to unwanted blemishes.

Breakout & blemish factor #4: You “forget” to remove your makeup at night. Leaving your makeup on while you sleep is practically an open invitation for breakouts and blemishes. Dirt and makeup can build up in your pores, congest your skin and cause blemishes. Try to always remove makeup and cleanse your skin before bed if you want to avoid these preventable breakouts.

Breakout & blemish factor #5: You’re using a cleanser that is too harsh. Aggressive cleansing techniques, like roughly scrubbing and rubbing, and harsh cleansing formulas can contribute to the development of some breakouts. Stripping your skin of all of its oil will trick your skin into thinking it needs to make up for the temporary dryness, and in turn, produce extra oil. Be kind to your skin and look for cleansing formulas that will nourish and hydrate your skin, but not dry it out. And, always use gentle, circular motions while washing your face and lightly pat your skin dry.

Sure, breakouts and blemishes can be a tough skin care concern to address, but making a few simple tweaks to your daily habits may help, so why not give them a try.