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What to Look for in a Clay Mask if You Have Mature Skin


What to Look for in a Clay Mask if You Have Mature Skin What to Look for in a Clay Mask if You Have Mature Skin What to Look for in a Clay Mask if You Have Mature Skin

Mature skin can have the tendency to feel dry and look dull—and no matter how much moisturizer you seem to apply your skin may never really feel nourished. It’s common to experience lackluster, dry skin as you age, in part because your skin’s natural oil production will start to slow down as you age. Even if you had oily skin in your younger years, dryness may now be starting to set in, becoming your new normal skin type.

Not only can dry skin look dull, but it can feel uncomfortable at times, too. Sure, serums, creams, and rich moisturizers can help, but so can another not-so obvious skin care product: Clay masks. You may think that clay masks are for oily skin types and that’s it. However, clay masks come in many different varieties. Some can even refine your skin’s surface so that mature skin looks more radiant, nourished, and smooth. Here’s how to find a clay mask for mature skin, plus our best clay mask option for mature skin types.

What to Look for in a Clay Mask if You Have Mature Skin

Now that your skin is producing less oil, you’ll want to preserve its natural hydrating functions and encourage moisture retention. A clay mask that has a creamy, cushiony texture can blanket the skin with its nourishing formula. Over time, these clay masks can promote the appearance of more beautiful-looking mature skin by visibly minimizing imperfections and allowing the skin to feel as though it can breathe better. 

Additionally, a clay mask formula that gently refines your skin’s surface can help reduce the buildup of dead skin cells that has collected and caused your skin to look dull and lackluster. For a clay mask that both nourishes and exfoliates, try using a gentle clay to help exfoliate the surface of your skin, helping newer, younger cells to be revealed. Not only will your pores look smaller and your skin will feel smoother, but an exfoliating clay mask can help dry, mature skin become better prepared to receive hydration from your other moisturizing skin care products, resulting in better nourishment and more radiant looking skin. Ready to learn which of our clay masks fits the bill? Here we go!

Our Best Clay Mask for Mature Skin

Allow us to introduce you to the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Exfoliate & Refining Face Mask. This indulgent, transformative clay mask soaks into skin upon application to address rough skin and deeply clogged pores in as little as 10 minutes. Formulated with three types of clay and red algae extract, this clay mask works to buff away dead skin cells while refining overall texture to reveal a polished, seemingly poreless, younger-looking complexion. To use, just apply an even layer of the clay mask to clean dry skin, making sure to avoid the eye and lip area. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before removing with lukewarm water. Unlike most face masks that are meant for once a week use, this clay mask should be used up to three times for best results. Prior to applying this clay mask, be sure to use a gentle facial cleanser formulated for your mature skin, and once you’ve rinsed the clay mask off, apply an anti-aging moisturizer.

This isn’t the only face mask you can use on mature skin. For a non-clay face mask pick for mature skin, read our article, Our Best Face Mask for Mature, Dull Skin.