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Our Best Anti-Aging Products


Our Best Anti-Aging Products Our Best Anti-Aging Products Our Best Anti-Aging Products

Picking the right skin care products for your skin care routine can certainly be a challenge, and things don’t get any easier when you throw aging into the mix. Whether you’re just starting to worry about fine lines or you already have quite a few noticeable wrinkles, you may be able to benefit from adding anti-aging products to your skin care regimen. Keep reading to learn about our best anti-aging products from our RevitaLift skin care line and how to use them. Spoiler alert: We've got everything from a facial cleanser formulated with glycolic acid to an anti-aging moisturizer perfect for daytime to an eye cream that addresses the appearance of dark circles under the eyes to tell you about below!

Our Best Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser

Beyond wrinkles, dull, uneven tone can make skin look older. And as you age, your skin’s ability to shed surface dead skin cells slows down, which can result in dull, uneven tone and a loss of radiance. Which is where exfoliation can come into play. Look for an anti-aging facial cleanser that also exfoliates. The L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Bright Reveal Brightening Daily Scrub Cleanser is formulated with gentle micro-pearls and glycolic acid to help exfoliate surface dead skin cells to reveal brighter-looking skin. Immediately, skin looks more radiant, while skin looks more even with continued use over time.

How to use it: Every morning and evening, lather into wet hands, gently massaging onto skin in a circular motion, avoiding the delicate eye area. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Just keep in mind that alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid, can increase your skin’s sun sensitivity, so make sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher daily as directed, as well as take other sun protection measures (like limiting your amount of time in the sun, especially during the peak hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., seeking shade, and wearing a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses.)

Our Best Anti-Aging Serum

Do you go straight from cleansing to moisturizing? Well, you may be missing a crucial skin care step that should be part of your anti-aging routine, and that would be applying serum. Look for a serum that’s formulated to address your specific skin concerns. The L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power™ Concentrated Serum has a luxurious, lightweight texture. The formula immediately makes skin appear brighter, while the look of wrinkles is diminished with continued use over time.

How to use it: Smooth the serum over your face, neck, and jawline every morning and night before applying a RevitaLift moisturizer. Which leads us to…

Our Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Day

Once you’re done applying serum, it’s time to move on to moisturizer. Our top pick for an anti-aging moisturizer is the L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power™ Intensive Anti-Aging Day Cream Moisturizer, which is formulated with hyaluronic acid and Pro-Xylane This lightweight yet intensive anti-aging cream absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling velvety soft. Immediately, skin feels deeply hydrated, while skin texture looks smoother, skin feels firmer, and the appearance of wrinkles is minimized with continued use over time.

How to use it: Smooth this anti-aging moisturizer over your face, neck, and jawline until thoroughly absorbed every morning. For best results, use in conjunction with other RevitaLift products.

Our Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Night

When you’re putting together an anti-aging skin care routine, you may want to consider using a different moisturizer at night from the one you used in the morning. Our best anti-aging moisturizer for night? The L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Bright Reveal Brightening Dual Overnight Moisturizer. This dual-action moisturizer features an exfoliating concentrate formulated with glycolic acid in one chamber and a brightening infusion formulated with vitamin C and Pro-Retinol in the other.

How to use it: Every night, smooth the moisturizer gently over cleansed skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

Our Best Anti-Aging Multitasker

We’re big fans of double-duty skin care products, which is why we want to tell you about the L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power™ Intensive Skin Revitalizer Serum + Moisturizer. One chamber features an anti-aging serum, while the other features a lightweight moisturizer. Immediately, skin feels revitalized with moisture, while fine lines and wrinkles appear noticeably smoothed with continued use over time.

How to use it: Apply the serum + moisturizer morning and evening after cleansing. Mix well and smooth over your entire face and neck.

Our Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Last, but not least, we’re talking about the eyes. This is your not-so-gentle reminder to not forget about the skin around your eyes. Seriously, don’t! When it comes to aging, the delicate skin surrounding your eyes can be one of the first spots to show visible signs. If you haven’t already, think about adding an eye cream to your skin care routine. L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power™ Eye Treatment helps immediately brighten the look of your eye area and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and under-eye bags with continued use over time.

How to use it: Every morning and evening after cleansing and applying serum, massage the eye cream gently around your eye area until thoroughly absorbed.

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