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Anti-Sagging Skin Care Products & Why They Help Improve Sagging Skin


Anti-Sagging Skin Care Products & Why They Help Improve Sagging Skin Anti-Sagging Skin Care Products & Why They Help Improve Sagging Skin Anti-Sagging Skin Care Products & Why They Help Improve Sagging Skin

skin is an inevitable sign of skin aging for many that typically begins to become noticeable around age 50 or older. Still, some may experience sagging skin even earlier as external factors like excess sun exposure and smoking can accelerate its formation. Sagging skin occurs as the result of the breakdown of your skin’s natural collagen and elastin proteins, overtime these fibers will weaken and your skin will produce less and less of them. This is bound to happen simply as skin ages and will result in skin that appears less elastic, withdrawn and sagging. If you are in need of a skin pick-me-up, don’t fret, there are skincare products formulated to help address the appearance of sagging skin that don’t involve any down time.

Anti-sagging skin tip #1: Try skin care products formulated with anti-oxidants. Today, antioxidant skin care products, like those formulated with vitamin B vitamin C and vitamin E, are becoming more and more popular amongst anti-aging options. One reason for this: Anti-oxidant protection reduces oxidative stress on skin by decreasing potential degradation of your skin’s structural molecules, including collagen and elastin. By helping your skin maintain its structural integrity, it can appear taut and firm.

Anti-sagging skin tip #2: Apply SPF on a daily basis. The sun’s rays can cause more than a burn and general skin discoloration, like age spots. UV rays can also damage your skin’s collagen and elastin fibers resulting in skin that is more likely to sag and droop. SPF with broad spectrum protection can help shield your skin against UV light that causes skin aging damage, so try to get in the habit of applying sunscreen daily, at least 20 minutes before sun exposure, as an easy anti-aging measure.

Anti-sagging skin tip #3: Look for skin care products that provide a plumping effect. Skin care products that help bolster the dermal layer of your skin by promoting or supplying skin plumping proteins like peptides, elastin and collagen can help address sagging skin concerns, as the increased levels of these structural molecules can on skin’s surface can improve your skin’s appearance.

Anti-sagging skin tip #4: Hydrate your skin and help it maintain added moisture: Products formulated with GAGs (glycoaminoglycans), like hyaluronic acid, can significantly improve moisture levels on your skin, in doing so, they can help your skin’s structure barrier appear more plump; reducing the appearance of sagging skin.

Don’t let sagging skin get you down, help give your outlook – and your skin – a boost by looking to anti-aging skin care products formulated to help the common sign of skin aging.