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5 Skin Care Products to Hydrate Mature, Dry Skin


5 Skin Care Products to Hydrate Mature, Dry Skin 5 Skin Care Products to Hydrate Mature, Dry Skin 5 Skin Care Products to Hydrate Mature, Dry Skin

As you age, you gain wisdom, confidence and grace – and, most likely, also dull and dry skin. Typically, your skin’s oil producing glands will produce less and less oil over the years. And your skin cell renewal process, the shedding of dry, dead cells, from skin’s surface will also slow down. These two skin aging factors combined can result in very dry skin. Dry skin can be uncomfortable and feel tight – and it can also contribute to the overall appearance of dull, lackluster-looking skin. Let the focus be on your evolving beauty and not on dry, flaky skin. Regain your youthful glow by looking to a few moisturizing skin care products that can help.

Moisturizing skin care product #1: Micellar water. Traditional cleansers can strip your skin of the little natural moisture it has left. While it’s important to have clean skin, it is just as important to have hydrated skin. Micellar water offers your skin a hydrating way to cleanse. These formulas act like magnets to attract makeup, oil and dirt off and away from your skin. They are comprised of tiny oil molecules called micelles that are suspended in soft, treated water, that typically won’t contain calcium, magnesium and other metal cations. Hard water—an unfiltered water with a high mineral content—found in many taps across the US, can cause your skin’s pH balance to fall on the alkaline side, leading to excess dryness and sensitivity. When you add the harshness of tap water to the stripping nature of some basic cleansers you can end up with even more dryness then you had in the first place. If you’re looking for a hydrating way to cleanse, try a micellar water formula like L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Normal to Dry Skin. This micellar water can hydrate and soothe areas of excess dryness and remove makeup while cleaning away surface dirt and impurities at the same time.

Moisturizing skin care product #2: A day cream formulated with LHA. A daytime moisturizer that is formulated with LHA, like Age Perfect Cell Renewal Rosy Tone Moisturizer, won’t only moisturize your dry skin throughout the day, but will also gently exfoliate dull, dead surface cells. This stimulating of your skin’s surface cell renewal can encourage skin that appears hydrated, rosy and nourished. The gradual resurfacing encouraged by LHA on a daily basis can help to reveal smooth, renewed skin that was buried underneath the dead surface cells, so younger, brighter cells are able to shine through.

Moisturizing skin care product #3: A water-based moisturizer. External factors including air pollution and UV exposure can damage your skin’s moisture barrier over time. This can increase the likelihood of moisture loss resulting in dry and dull skin. Dry, thirty skin needs to be hydrated, just like our bodies do. Envelop it with moisture to improve your skin’s look of natural radiance. A water-based moisturizer can help skin appear more radiant, softer and suppler. Plumped with hydration, your once dry or dull skin can feel smooth and look fresh and beautiful, glowing with its natural beauty.

Moisturizing skin care product #4: Eye cream. The skin around your eyes is prone to excess dryness. When your skin is dry, it may not only feel uncomfortable, but can cause fine lines and wrinkles to become more noticeable too. Try an eye cream like Age Perfect® Hydra-Nutrition Balm, its rich, luxurious texture intensely moisturizes to nourish mature skin. Formulated with four precious oils and calcium, this eye cream provides a layer of long-lasting hydration and comfort. Simply rub the formula between your fingers and apply it in small dots around the eye area and smooth gently until absorbed.

Moisturizing skin care product #5: A night cream and serum duo. RevitaLift® Bright Reveal Brightening Dual Moisturizer is a dual-action brightening plus anti-wrinkle night moisturizing treatment. Formulated with glycolic acid, vitamin C and Pro-Retinol®, this cream, serum duo addresses the appearance of wrinkles and uneven tone to reveal brighter, more radiant skin while it hydrates dryness. It works overnight when the skin is more receptive to renewal, so that you can awaken to skin that is moisturized, even and bright.

Help hydrate your dry skin and highlight your mature skin’s beauty by treating it to the moisturizing skin care products it needs.