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5 Anti-Aging Tips to Keep Your Eye Area Looking Youthful


5 Anti-Aging Tips to Keep Your Eye Area Looking Youthful 5 Anti-Aging Tips to Keep Your Eye Area Looking Youthful 5 Anti-Aging Tips to Keep Your Eye Area Looking Youthful

The skin around your eyes is delicate and thin, making it a likely area to show some early signs of skin aging, like crow’s feet, sagging skin and puffiness. Typical facial expressions, UV and free radical damage and even the way you sleep can contribute to the weakening of the skin around your eyes. It’s important to protect and preserve this area of the skin so that it can stay youthful-looking for longer. Consider implementing a few anti-aging tips into your regular routine to discourage some common signs of skin aging from forming.

Anti-aging eye tip #1: Apply an eye cream for daytime. Eye creams can help bring moisture to the dry, delicate skin around your eyes. There are very little oil-producing glands around your eye area, so skin here tends to become dry easily. When skin is continually dry it becomes more likely to show lines and wrinkles. Dr. Rivera adds: “Scientific data shows that applying a moisturizer can reduce the appearance of visible fine lines. Applying an eye cream with SPF is your best investment” Most eye creams have heavier consistencies than your face creams because they are formulated specifically to surge this dry area with moisture. They will also be more likely to stay put as they are created with the idea that this area undergoes a good deal of stress, like blinking or squinting, and that your eyes may tear from time to time. Consider looking for an eye cream like RevitaLift® Triple Power Eye Treatment which is formulated with hyaluronic acid, a proven wrinkle fighter, and Pro-XylaneTM, L’Oréal’s exclusively developed anti-aging super ingredient. This formula has skin brightening effects, and over time can reduce the visibility of wrinkles. To keep skin looking young and refreshed, apply Triple Power Eye Cream every morning to brighten, re-lift and reduce under eye bags.

Anti-aging eye tip #2: Wear sunglasses with UV protection while outside. Wearing a broad spectrum SPF every day is important, and wearing sunglasses with UV protection will also help give the delicate skin around your eyes an extra layer of defense against the sun’s harmful rays. UV rays can wear down the thin, dry skin around your eyes and make it more prone to develop crow’s feet and sag. Consider wearing your sunglasses every day, even if there is a bit of overcast, as the sun’s rays can pass through clouds.

Anti-aging eye tip #3: Look for a nighttime eye treatment. Your skin is able to regroup some overnight, now that its defenses against environmental stressors are not on high alert. Give your skin a boost by applying a nighttime eye treatment like RevitaLift™ Volume Filler Eye Treatment that can help replenish under eye hollows, reduce sunken shadows and firm eye contour. Formulated with a dose of deeply-replenishing Hyaluronic Acid, this ultra-hydrating, refreshing gel-cream melts into skin to revitalize the delicate eye area for a smooth, non-sticky feel. By smoothing a small amount around the eye area every evening, the skin around the eyes will become more hydrated and appear firmer. Over time, under eye hollows will gradually look visibly re-volumized; reducing the appearance of sunken shadows. For an effective eye treatment that minimizes the look of existing skin aging concerns like crow’s feet and sagging skin, try Revitalift Volume Filler Eye Treatment to replenish the eye area with more natural-looking fullness.

Anti-aging eye tip #4: Use a silk pillowcase. Help encourage smooth skin around your eyes by using a silk pillowcase while you sleep. Fabrics that aren’t as smooth as silk can feel rough against the skin and unnecessarily pull and tug on this delicate area. A silk pillowcase will offer a gentle layer of protection while you rest.

Anti-aging eye tip #5: Sleep propped up. Fluids can collect under your eyes and cause puffiness, under eye bags and dark circles. If you find it comfortable, try sleeping propped up a bit so that fluids are less likely to gather under the thin skin in your eye area.

The skin around your eyes is one of the most vulnerable areas to skin aging – help preserve its youthful look and help protect it against future or further damage by keeping these anti-aging tips in mind.