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3 Common Signs of Mature Skin


3 Common Signs of Mature Skin 3 Common Signs of Mature Skin 3 Common Signs of Mature Skin

As you age, you may notice subtle changes to your skin, and as the years continue to pass those fines lines will become deeper set and loosening skin even less taut and elastic. Your skin experiences some signs of aging as a result of a natural passage of time. Sure, some lifestyle habits may invite a few signs to develop prematurely, but the reality of it is that most people will develop wrinkles, vertical lines and even sagging skin at some point in their life – typically between your 40s and 50s. These common signs of skin aging are a reflection of your life’s journey, the number of times you’ve laughed, cried, smiled and frowned. You don’t have to erase them; you are beautiful now. You can however, maintain your beautiful skin and lessen the appearance of some of these signs of aging that you’d prefer to stay subtle. Here, three common signs of skin aging starting from the bottom of your face working its way up.

Mature skin sign of aging #1: Marionette lines. These lines run from the corners of your mouth down to your chin. The name is indicative of the lines typically drawn on a puppet’s mouth. The vertical lines may evoke a sad appearance, as they visually pull the face in a downward direction. It’s common for skin to lose its volume over time, so its more vulnerable to sag, and appear hollow. This sunken state of the skin makes it more prone to develop these vertical lines. To help the area appear more plump and to lessen the appearance of the deep vertical lines look for anti-aging creams that include retinol, collagen or extremely hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Retinol can work to improve the outer layer of the skin’s level of thickness when used consistently for at least four weeks, look for something like RevitaLift® Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Cream. Collagen can also help the skin appear more plump while hyaluronic acid will lubricate the skin and cushion it with moisture.

Mature skin sign of aging #2: Crow’s feet. These lines at the corners of your eyes are tiny wrinkles that resemble a crow’s footprint. This common sign of skin aging may have begun to show as early as in your mid or late 20s. As you grow older, you may find that your crow’s feet look deeper set now that your mature skin is less taut and may also be thinning. These lines are so easily formed for a few reasons. First, consider that the skin around your eyes is already naturally thin in this area and produces less natural oils than other parts of your skin. Dryness can help accelerate wrinkle production. Further, your eye area partakes in a good deal of skin movement, repetitive expressions like blinking, squinting and eye widening can all put a strain on the already delicate area. To help lessen the appearance of crow’s feet consider trying a product like RevitaLift® Miracle Blur Eye Intense Eye Smoother, which uses Opti-Blur™ Technology to temporarily fill in the look of crow’s feet.

Mature skin sign of aging #3: The eleven’s. These vertical lines are found in-between your eyebrows, above your nose and are often referred to as the eleven’s because they resemble the look of the number. The vertical lines may also be called glabellar lines, because the area between your eyebrows is called the glabella. The muscles in this area contract when you frown or squint. You may not realize how often your face frowns, many people frown when they’re thinking, reading or even typing a text message. You can try to get in the habit of relaxing this area, to alleviate facial tension and prevent the vertical lines from becoming deeper set. You can also massage the area with upward, outward motions if you become aware that it is tensing up. Help lessen the appearance of these vertical lines by applying a moisturizer with skin moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, like RevitaLift® Triple Power™ Deep-Acting Moisturizer while massaging the area.

Keep in mind that these three common signs of mature skin are a part of your life’s journey. You can strive for and preserve a more youthful appearance but you should always embrace your natural beauty, no matter your age.