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3 Anti-Sagging Skin Care Products to Try


3 Anti-Sagging Skin Care Products to Try 3 Anti-Sagging Skin Care Products to Try 3 Anti-Sagging Skin Care Products to Try

Sagging skin can be one of the most difficult signs of skin aging to address. A tell-tale sign of getting older, your skin will produce less and less skin plumping proteins as you age. This will result in skin that is less firm and elastic making it more prone to droop and sag especially in areas around your eyes, mouth, jawline, neck and chest. While sagging skin is a typical mark of the passage of time, certain lifestyle habits, like smoking and extensive sun bathing, can accelerate it. Many may think that the only way to help improve the appearance of sagging skin is to look to professional procedures – and, sure those procedures can deliver desirable results, but they can also come at a price, not to mention require time to recover. If you’re looking to address sagging skin, there are other less-intense options and those start with incorporating products formulated to address this skin concern. Here are three skin care products worth trying that may help improve the look of this common sign of skin aging:

Anti-sagging skin care product #1: A serum formulated with anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants like vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E, can offer your skin an extra line of defense against skin aging factors that can contribute to the development of sagging skin. Skin care products that are formulated with anti-oxidants can help reduces oxidative stress on your skin that can be caused by free radicals found in our environment. Anti-oxidant formulated skin care products can decrease the amount of potential harm environmental aggressors such as pollution can have and keep the appearance of your skin looking plump and firm.

Anti-sagging skin care product #1: A day cream with SPF. Free radicals aren’t the only environmental factor that can damage your skin’s collagen and elastin fibers, UV damage can also contribute to sagging skin. So, protect your skin against further damage by applying a SPF with broad spectrum protection on a daily basis. Look for skin care products like day creams, tinted moisturizers or facial oils that are formulated with UVA and UVB protection.

Anti-sagging skin care product #1: A deeply hydrating night cream. Added moisture can help your skin appear more plump. Try a nighttime cream formulated with hyaluronic acid, to help improve and maintain moisture levels on your skin, so that sagging skin is less noticeable.

You can address sagging skin without having to take any drastic measures, be sure to following your anti-aging skin care routine and include skin care products that address the appearance of sagging skin into your regular mix.