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A Classic Holiday Makeup Look for Every Occasion

Makeup Looks

A Classic Holiday Makeup Look for Every Occasion A Classic Holiday Makeup Look for Every Occasion A Classic Holiday Makeup Look for Every Occasion

It’s a wonderful time of year…for having a bunch of places to go and no idea how to do your makeup on each occasion. You feel us? No matter how hyped you are for endless candy canes, it can be a bit of a stressor to have so much to do—all the while being expected to look fab for each and every event. We mean, it isn’t every month you’re supposed to have perfect face makeup, eye makeup, and lip color on multiple days—in the same week. Seriously though, who decided every party-worthy occasion had to be packed into the last few weeks of the year? Not someone who’s attached at the hip to their planner, that’s for sure.

OK, enough wallowing. It might be tricky, but you can look your best for everything the holiday season requires of you. We promise. With a little extra effort put into your makeup routine, you’ll be good to go—no matter what occasion you may be tackling on any given day. Below, we’re sharing a makeup look you’ll want to rock for every holiday occasion. From glittery eye shadows to metallic lipsticks, all the classics are coming into play.

The Best Holiday Makeup Look for…Singing Carols

You’ve been invited to sing carols, going from door to door on the coldest night of the year thus far. Of course, you’re pumped to show off your pipes, but the weather isn’t exactly suited to your go-to makeup look. Give this one a try instead.

Step 1: Apply tinted moisturizer. Freezing your butt off has a byproduct of drying out your skin. Go ahead and try to nip dry skin in the bud by getting coverage courtesy of a product that also offers hydration—a.k.a. a tinted moisturizer.

Step 2: Wear waterproof mascara. When the wind is whipping at your face, there’s a solid chance that your eyes will start to water. That makes us want to go ahead and shed a tear right now, but alas, it happens. For a preemptive strike, be sure to show the weather who’s boss and wear a waterproof mascara, like the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara. No wind is ruining your makeup look this time!

Step 3: Apply tinted lip balm. Of course, you’ll want your lips to have a bit of color, but they’ll also need nourishment. Smooth on a tinted lip balm to get both—then stow it away in your coat pocket for touchups.

Step 4: Use setting spray. Lock your makeup look in place with a few spritzes of the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray.

The Best Holiday Makeup Look for…Your Annual Family Event

Your family always offers annoying commentary when you wear your wildest eyeshadow colors and craziest lipsticks, so tone it down this year while still looking stylish.

Step 1: Use primer. Who knows how late this thing could go? Smooth on a primer to make sure your makeup lasts until the very end. Our pick? A radiant primer, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Lock Makeup Primer.

Step 2: Apply a radiant finish foundation. Your primer isn’t the only way to get your glow on. Using a makeup blender, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender, buff and blend a radiant finish foundation, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Foundation onto your skin.

Step 3: Brush on blush. When your aunt is sure to pinch your cheeks, go ahead and beat her to the punch in giving your cheeks a flush. You can pick a more flattering shade of blush than the one her pinch-y fingers have to offer. Try the L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush™ in Rosy Outlook.

Step 4: Rock foiled eyeliner. Here’s where you get to make your makeup look stand out from your crowd of cousins. Instead of sporting any old eyeliner, go for a foiled one. If you don’t already have one in your makeup arsenal, try layering a metallic eyeshadow, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Metallics Eye Shadow in Aluminum Foil, overtop of a white liquid eyeliner, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeliner in White Party.

Step 5: Add mascara. Create the appearance of volume with a fiber mascara. The L’Oréal Paris Voluminous X Fiber Mascara features a black primer on one end and a fiber-infused mascara formula on the other. Start with the primer, then apply the fiber mascara formula to your lashes.

Step 6: Paint your lips red. If you don’t think you can get away with wearing red lipstick 365 days a year, now’s the time. Apply the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Shine Lipstick in Enamel Red to pull your look together. There you go, holiday ready!

The Best Holiday Makeup Look for…Your Girl Group Gift Exchange

Everyone knows the most important time to have flawless makeup is when you’re with your female friends. After all, they’re the ones who will know what’s up. Here’s your chance to show off your cheekbone contouring and lip lining skills.

Step 1: Apply matte foundation. You surely wouldn’t want to risk your foundation looking greasy, now would you? Play it safe and apply a foundation with a matte finish, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation.

Step 2: Contour. For chiseled cheekbones, all you’ll need is the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Contour Blender and the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Concealing and Contour Kit.

Step 3: Highlight. Contouring and highlighting go together like two peas in a pod, so obviously, you’ll need to follow with a touch (or more) of luminosity. Dot a small amount—a little goes a long way—of the L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Lumi Glow Amour Glow Boosting Drops above your cheekbones, blending out with your finger.

Step 4: Pay attention to your brows. In case you didn’t know, brows make the face. So, you won’t want to skip this step. Reach for the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Boost & Set Brow Mascara and brush on to style your brows.

Step 5: Line your lips. The holidays offer you a variety of occasions to go a little bigger and bolder with most things, including your lips. When you fake a fuller pout, you’ll be the envy of all your gal pals. All it takes is using a lip liner, like the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lip Liner, to line slightly outside your natural lip line.

Step 6: Apply lipstick. Metallic lips are all the rage—and perfect for the holidays. Use the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints/Lips Metallic in the shade of your choosing to bring a bit of sparkle to your look.

The Best Holiday Makeup Look for…the Obligatory Office Party

It’s that time of year again—the office holiday party. This year, you’re going to look amazing, and not do anything to embarrass yourself. Think of it as an early resolution! Now, we’ll help with the looking amazing part, and you’re responsible for handling the rest.

Step 1: Apply foundation. For full coverage, use the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation.

Step 2: Conceal. Still need something more? Cover up any imperfections and brighten your under-eye area with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Concealer. Don’t forget to use the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Concealer Blender to apply.

Step 3: Powder. Set your foundation and concealer with a face powder, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Sweep & Lock Loose Setting Face Powder.

Step 4: Prime your lids. Primer isn’t only for your face. Put a thin layer of eye shadow primer on your lids to help ensure your eye look sticks around.

Step 5: Add glitter. Get glitzy! Press gold, cosmetic grade glitter onto your lids. If there’s any fall out, use a few pieces of your classic adhesive tape to pick up stubborn specks of glitter.

Step 6: Coat your lashes. You know the drill—add mascara!

Step 7: Apply lipstick. The same goes for lipstick. How about the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick in Roseblood? Everyone can pull off dark lipstick in the winter!

The Best Holiday Makeup Look for…a Trip to the Ballet

Among all the holiday busyness, you’ll be lucky to fit in a trip to the ballet. Snag the tickets from that office party door prize and start planning your outfit. Oh, and your makeup, too. Surely you’ll want to emulate an ethereal ballerina.

Step 1: Apply highlighting cream. Pick something light that doubles as a skin care product, like highlighting lotion, BB cream, or CC cream. The L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer fits the bill.

Step 2: Highlight. Of course, you’ll want to place highlighter on your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose—all the classic spots. But don’t forget your collarbones. Using a fan brush, sweep the L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Lumi Shimmerista Highlighting Powder wherever you want to sparkle for the show.

Step 3: Line your eyes. Using your winged eyeliner skills (just read our article, How to Achieve Your Sharpest Winged Eyeliner Look, if you still need a little help) and the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner, create a cat eye.

Step 4: Coat your lashes. Time for mascara! Brush on the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara.

Step 5: Apply lipstick. There’s nothing more ballet-appropriate than an ever-so-pretty pink. Press the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Matte Lipstick in Matte-Caron into your lips, then blot with a tissue for a softened look.

Next up, find a holiday hairstyle to pair with your holiday makeup. We won’t make you do it all on your own. Check out our article, 3 Curly Hairstyles That Will Make Waves This Holiday Season.