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5 Blush Makeup Styles We Love for Spring

Makeup Looks

5 Blush Makeup Styles We Love for Spring 5 Blush Makeup Styles We Love for Spring 5 Blush Makeup Styles We Love for Spring

The best makeup look is one that not only compliments the season—after all, who doesn’t love a dark lip in winter and shimmery shadow in spring— and your natural beauty, but the best makeup look should also match your personality and mood. Are you feeling flirty, edgy or extra glam? Well, a great way to express your personal style and attitude is with a color blush. You can go for a few swipes of a subtle hue or accentuate your cheek bones with a punch of blush color. You can go for a traditional powder blush makeup, dewy cream blush, extra shimmery blush color or you can even try a liquid-like blush with added skin benefits.

With so many blush makeup options, you don’t have to stick to one color or product. And with a new season just around the corner, what better time to try a new makeup look? It’s easy to make style statements with blush makeup this spring, here check out a few blush makeup styles to give a try:

Spring blush makeup style #1: Pinky perfection. A classic look that also compliments the spring season, a pink pop of color on your cheeks will brighten up your overall complexion. Pink is a great shade for all skin tones, if you have pale skin, go for a light pink and if you have a dark complexion you should consider a brighter shade of pink. Blush shades that resemble those of your skin when flushed after a good run or when you are outside when it’s really cold will best complement your skin tone. That being said, any color can work on practically any skin tone if applied subtly, especially pink. Going for a pink hue will finish off a light, pretty spring look, perfect for an outdoor lunch or picnic. Consider trying a sheer pink blush color like Visible Lift Blur Blush. This blush makeup will perk up the look of your skin, diminishing the look of dullness and replacing it with a smooth, fresh-face look. And it comes in three shades, including Soft Peach, Soft Pink and Soft Berry, so you are sure to find the best blush color to complement your skin tone.

Finish off your makeup look: To go with your lady-like spring makeup look, consider using other pink makeup products, like a nude-pink shimmery shadow on your lids. A classic black eyeliner and a few swipes of black mascara will define your eyes. And you can finish off your makeup look with a light, ballerina pink gloss.

Spring blush makeup style #2: Highlighted hue. Spring is a great time of year to reach for a subtle shimmery color blush. Whether you stick with a pinky, rose blush or opt for a blush color with more of a golden tone, a color blush with highlighting properties can illuminate your entire makeup look. Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator was designed to highlight your key features or give you a radiant look all-over. This blush color comes in Golden, Rose, and Ice shades, there is a color palate to flatter every skin tone from warm to neutral to cool. Golden Illuminator enhances peachy or yellow tones in warm skin tones, Rose Illuminator enhances yellow, peachy, pink or blue tones in neutral skin tones and Ice Illuminator enhances pink or blue tones in cool skin tones.

Finish off your makeup look: Highlighting blush colors wake up your skin and make a visible impact that anyone will notice. So much so, that if you want to go for a natural glow, all you need to do is apply a light BB cream formula to your skin before you dust your cheekbones, middle of nose, temples and tip of your chin with your highlighting color blush. You can moisturize your lips with a simple balm or a neutral lip gloss. While this natural look is great for a laid back spring day, you can also opt to play up your glowing makeup look at night. Apply a liquid, shimmery golden shadow to your lids, go dramatic with a thick lash and finish off the ultra-glam style with a pop of color on your lips.

Spring blush makeup style #3: Bold and bright. Now that winter is almost at its end, you may be ready to welcome spring with fun, playful colors in your wardrobe to replace the grays and blacks you’ve been sporting all season. Well, you can liven up your makeup look with bold and bright blush makeup colors too. Corals, reds and burgundies tend to blend really well with darker warmer skin tones, but if applied subtly any skin tone can wear these vibrant and bold colors. Infallible Paints Blush Kit has four blend-able shades so you can customize your bold blush makeup look with a pop of color that best goes with your complexion. You can wear one color alone or mix and layer the silky shades. You can go bold and bright at night or soften your blush makeup look for daytime. And the bright blush color shades have saturated pigments that stay vibrant all day. Another trick to make your blush makeup look last: If you layer blush makeup textures, your look can last much longer. Apply a cream blush first and then put a small amount of a powder blush of the same color on top.

Finish off your makeup look: A bold blush color makes a statement on its own. So, finish off your look with a natural-looking eyeshadow and lip color. But, if you are really looking to make a statement consider picking one other place to mirror that fun shade, either as an eyeliner, crease shadow or lip color. That being said, you should proceed with caution, matching your entire makeup look to that one bright color may overdo it and perhaps miss the mark of making a cool makeup style statement.

Spring blush makeup style #4: Dewy rose. Imagine the simple beauty of a rose petal. Soft and smooth and glistening from a morning rain. Now that’s a perfect example of springtime, isn’t it? A dewy rose blush color can help you achieve that spring-fresh makeup look. Visible Lift Color Lift Blush in Rose Gold Lift counters and illuminates cheek bones for a radiant, youthful-looking complexion. The hybrid cream to powder blush makeup formula has a silky, lightweight texture giving your skin a flawless, even appearance. And its formula is infused with tourmaline pearls for optimized radiance to help encourage the look of a healthy glow.

Finish off your makeup look: You can mirror that fresh, clean and pretty feeling of a dewy rose blush with light, pretty matte shades on your eyes and lips. Keep the rest of your makeup look soft, with a matte lipstick in a rose color and matte, soft-colored eyeshadow on your lids. Go flirty with long lashes and a simple eyeliner along your top lid.

Spring blush makeup style #5: Natural flush. In the winter season, you surely layer your clothes and can tend to go heavy with your makeup too. But, spring is a great time of year to embrace your natural beauty and go light with makeup. True Match Blush in Baby Blossom, gives your cheeks a youthful, flushed, natural look, but the pop of color still makes a statement. This gentle mineral blush also comes with its own brush, for perfect blending action so you’re left with a fresh, natural makeup blush look.

Finish off your makeup look: Highlighting your natural beauty is an easy way to achieve a winning makeup look. A natural blush color on your cheek bones will wake up your skin without looking to heavy. Compliment your blush color with warm taupe and pink eyeshadow, black or brown eyeliner and mascara and opt for a simple lip balm or liquid lipstick as a final step.

Tips for applying blush makeup:

Now, while any of these makeup styles are designed to enhance your beauty and make a stylish statement, they can achieve quite the opposite if applied incorrectly. If your blush makeup does not come with its own brush, consider purchasing one before applying. Blush-specific brushes are designed to give you perfect, angular application every time. Keep in mind the kind of blush makeup you plan to use and find the correct brush for your blush type and formula. A good rule to remember is that for powder blushes, you should use a natural brush and for a cream or liquid formula, try a synthetic brush.

Once you have your blush makeup and blush brush chosen, it’s time to apply. Make your biggest smile, and apply blush on the area that sticks out the most. Then blend the blush outwards towards your ears and always on top of the check bone. You should avoid using blush on the cheek bone, where the shadow in your face usually is, and runs in diagonal from your ear to the edge of your mouth. Applying blush makeup too far below your cheek bone, or too far above it, can make a pop of color become an overwhelming splotch of color. Try to apply blush color not much lower than your nostrils (or the bottom of your cheek bones). And avoid taking a color blush above the corner of your eye or outside tip of your eyebrow. Try to keep the color on the apples of your cheeks and swept back towards your hairline. And remember, you should be careful to not over-apply any color blush. For a youthful boost, try applying a small amount of blush to your nose as well, so it looks as though you just came inside from a cold day.