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The 5 Lip Glosses Every Woman Should Have

Lip Makeup

The 5 Lip Glosses Every Woman Should Have  The 5 Lip Glosses Every Woman Should Have  The 5 Lip Glosses Every Woman Should Have

Lip gloss. Surely every woman loves this makeup bag essential. It may have even been your very first makeup product purchased and you probably still have at least one lip gloss as a part of your regular makeup routine today. Lip glosses are simple to apply and easy to carry around with you so you can freshen up your look anywhere, anytime. Sir John, celebrity makeup artist and L'Oréal Paris beauty expert thinks that lip products are a very important part of your makeup routine, “I think finding a formula that you like and in a color that complements your skin tone is key, but you should definitely explore and try out multiple textures and shades.” So, while you may have that lip gloss favorite, there’s really so much more out there to choose from. Keeping a classic, go-to lip gloss in your purse or makeup bag is great, but you shouldn’t be afraid to play around with different colors, formulas and finishes. 

Trying new lip glosses can help you update your look any day of the week. And who knows, you may even find a new lip gloss favorite! Check out a few of lip glosses and see which ones you may want to give a try—you might end up wanting to keep each one of these lip makeup options as a part of your regular makeup routine!

Lip gloss must-have product #1: A long-lasting gloss. Lip gloss is a great beauty basic that can help finish off your makeup look, but is any makeup look—especially a lip makeup look—even worth trying if it won’t last? It might only take you a minute to apply lip gloss, but you most likely want its glossy lip color and shine to last much longer than that. And, it would be even better if your lip gloss would stay in place after sipping your morning coffee. Now, that’s when a long-lasting lip gloss comes in. It won’t fade, feather or require reapplying layer after layer of lip gloss throughout the day.

If you want a lip gloss that works as long as you do, try a formula like  INFALLIBLE® 8 HR Le Gloss. It’s a hydrating formula that keeps lips soft, smooth, colorful and glossy for eight shining hours. With this lip makeup product, it’s not just about the gloss, but about the applicator too. The patented Petit Couer applicator contours lips precisely, giving your lips a smooth, even, flawless finish every time. This long-lasting lip gloss is available in a range of 20 sheer, luminous shades that stay true to their color without changing, fading or dulling. If you’re looking for a sweet daytime hue try it in Blush.

Lip gloss must-have product #2: Lip glosses you can layer and mix. “I am all about embracing color for spring and the new Infallible Lip Paints are the perfect way to do just that,” notes Sir John. “My favorite way for using these products is what I call PB&J Lips.” This technique is all about mixing different shades of lip colors and “smacking” your lips together to create a super ethereal, cool look. “I love to do light and dark shades—so a purple and a taupe or magenta and light pink.” For this, Sir John says to take one shade of Infallible Lip Paints and apply it to your top lip. Then, take another shade and apply it to your bottom lip. After applying, smack lips together, but don’t rub them together. “This motion helps the colors to sort of blend together to create a super cool look—the awesome thing is it is different and organic every time you do it.”

Lip gloss must-have product #3: A super creamy, super shiny lip makeup. The skin around your lips and the lip skin itself needs specific attention. You might be wondering why this is and it’s connected to the fact that your lips are actually a part of your skin that doesn’t have any oil-producing glands. These glands keep your skin hydrated and less likely to prematurely develop lines. This is why your lips are prone to become dry more easily than other parts of your skin. So, if you’re taking the time to apply a lip color, why not pick one that will also feel super creamy and hydrating to your lips? Try a lip gloss that won’t only look shiny and pretty, but will also help nourish your lips and keep dryness at bay. COLOUR RICHE® Le Gloss, creates a rich shine and feels hydrating and creamy when applied to your lips. It is infused with ultra-hydrating omega 3, protective vitamin E, and Argan oil so lips are glossy and moisturized.

Lip gloss must-have product #4: A nude matte lip gloss. Nothing says now like a nude, matte makeup look. A nude lip gloss with a matte finish can look stylish and complement either a simple or statement-making makeup look like a smoky eye or color-popping blush. Want to give it a try? Consider swiping on  INFALLIBLE® Pro-Matte Gloss in Nude. This whipped matte gloss delivers intense, high pigment shades to create lasting matte color. And while it will appear nonglossy, its lush, velvety texture will feel soft on your lips so you can comfortably wear it all day without having to apply a balm every few hours. And it also comes with a pro-sculpt applicator, which can help you add shape and add dimension to your lips. Looking for makeup tips to help you best apply a matte lip gloss? You can keep these lip makeup tips in mind: Apply a matte lip gloss starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center of your lips to the outer edges, following the contour of your mouth. Then glide across your bottom lip and fill in.

Lip gloss must-have product #5: A punch of lip color. One of the best things about lip gloss is that there are so many fun, fashionable and simply pretty lip color options available. You can change up the color you use on a daily basis, or go for seasonal switches if you want to update your makeup look like you update your wardrobe. “In the winter you can experiment with browns and deep wines and in the summer, you can do more girly pops with pinks and sheerer shades,” notes Sir John. While you can try out different lip colors anytime you like, always try to go for one that will stay put. After all, a splotchy, faded color won’t make that lip makeup statement you were going for. When wanting a lip look with a bright pop of color, try a formula like INFALLIBLE® 8 HR Le Gloss in Pink Topaz or Red Fatale. The hydrating lip gloss with stay in place for eight hours so your bright and bold color choice will keep its impact from morning until night.

Lip gloss must-have product #6: A plumping lip gloss. A little extra plumping action never hurts—especially when it comes to your lips. That’s why it’s always nice to have a plumping lip gloss on hand, they can make the perfect lip makeup choice for a special occasion with a special someone. Keep your pout plump and pretty with a lip gloss formula like INFALLIBLE® 8 HR Plumping Gloss. This lip gloss will plump the look of your lips with long-wearing color and will hold an incredible shine for eight hours. The Infallible® Plumping Gloss gives your pout a voluptuous new look without any stinging or pain. You can have gorgeous, fuller-looking lips and choose from an array of eight positively plumping shades so that you are sure to find a lip color for any occasion.

Lip gloss is a basic component of any good makeup bag, so find one you know you love and always keep it handy so you can liven up your look at any time of the day or night. That being said, don’t feel like you have to stick to one classic lip color or lip product, there are a ton of lip glosses to choose from so keep a few as a part of your regular makeup mix. With just one swipe or two of a new shade or texture, you can update your whole look.