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Product Spotlight: Infallible Lip Paints

Lip Makeup

Product Spotlight: Infallible Lip Paints Product Spotlight: Infallible Lip Paints Product Spotlight: Infallible Lip Paints

Makeup is often used as a tool for self-expression. We all have attempted the “bold” look at least once. You may not wear dark blue lipstick or that purple lipstick you passed by in the store everyday but there’s always that shade you just can’t live without. It may be the nude or pink shade that you feel most comfortable wearing and that’s ok as long as you feel beautiful and fearless with that color. It doesn’t hurt to step outside of the box every once in a while though.

But seriously, who doesn’t want to try what’s trending? Looking for interesting and innovative products is a hobby for your average beauty junkie but I think we can all admit it’s just plain exciting to discover new things. Challenge yourself to put on that blue or violet shade, even if it’s just in the comfort of your home. Change is good and so is a new liquid lipstick to wear on your next date night.

Introducing L’Oréal Infallible® Paints/Lip: This long-lasting lip color delivers shiny, vibrant color in one stroke. This makeup designer launch is big, bold and perfect to complete any look.

The Best Long Lasting Lipstick

Infallible® Paints/Lip is a liquid lip color that glides on and stays vibrant all day long. This new, long-wear lipstick delivers high-impact color and designer looks in a single stroke thanks to a special designer applicator.

Whether you have a bold lip color or staying with your favorite nude or mauve shade, accuracy and precision is everything. You need control to apply the liquid lipstick exactly where you want it and a way to keep your lip paint application even. L’Oréal lip paint’s special applicator helps you diffuse vibrant color quickly and evenly, so you get the best long lasting lip color possible.

Who should use it:
Everyone. L’Oréal Infallible® Paints/Lip offers 14 high impact shades.

How to apply it: With the designer applicator, outline lips using pointed tip, fill in.

Noteworthy Callouts: Smudge-proof, Waterproof, Comfortable wear.

Why you’ll love it: The 1st lip paint with the highest color impact for the longest wear.


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