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The 3 Beautifying Actions of BB Cream

Face Makeup

The 3 Beautifying Actions of BB Cream The 3 Beautifying Actions of BB Cream The 3 Beautifying Actions of BB Cream

When it comes to your standard arsenal of beauty products, foundation is most likely a key component of your day-to-day collection. It is, well, the foundation of a flawless complexion—right? This makeup essential can even-out the look of your skin tone, conceal a blemish or two and even cover up other skin imperfections, like age spots. But, while this beauty bag basic may seem like a one stop shop to help your complexion achieve a flawless look, there’s really not much more to it. Foundation can temporarily provide a seamless base for you to then add bronzer and blush to, but when the makeup wipes come out, the perfect skin look you’ve created goes away in just a few simple swipes.

BB creams combine what is best of both the skin care and cosmetics worlds,” explains Dr. Rocio Rivera head of scientific communications for L'Oréal Paris. “Some people think that BB creams originated in Korea, when in fact they originated in Germany in the 1960s by a dermatologist. She created it for her patients to use after skin procedures like face peels. After such procedures, hydration and protection of your skin are even more important and a product like BB cream can help address those new needs.”

While foundation is a fundamental part of your beauty routine, why not consider switching it up from time to time? The best makeup routine should give you the look you want, but also give your natural beauty a boost too. “BB creams have a sheer tint to homogenize the skin color with low coverage,” shares Dr. Rivera. So, you can still get the coverage you need, but with a more lightweight and hydrating face make-up option – especially on those dry, hot or humid days when foundation can feel heavy on your skin. And that’s when a nourishing BB cream comes into play.

BB creams can actually help conceal imperfections while providing your skin with nourishment and protection from the elements. Typical face make-up options like liquid foundation aim to help hide uneven skin tones, blemishes and the like, as many formulas put the importance of concealing first and foremost. But, actually addressing the skin concerns behind these imperfections can make a more worthwhile impact in the long run. In addition to a solid skin care routine, BB creams can help with common skin care concerns like dryness, while not exacerbating other skin care concerns like excess oil.

Factors like excess oil can cause your complexion to not only appear shiny, but pores larger too. Some heavy foundation formulas can sometimes accentuate the look of large pores and other imperfections. While, on the other hand, the best BB cream can hydrate, prime, and perfect the appearance of large pores and even excess shine. So, with a BB cream, you not only get coverage, but nourishing skin benefits too.

What to Look for in the Best BB Cream
BB creams are similar to tinted moisturizers and can work on all skin tones. Look for a BB cream formula which can hydrate, prime and perfect the look of your skin. You’ll also want a BB cream that feels ultra-lightweight on your skin, allowing it to breathe even when it is extremely hot or cold out. When looking for the best BB cream, try to find one that can help neutralize skin tone, correct imperfections or revive your skin for a flawless bare skin finish. Remember these three winning components of the best BB cream before you hit the makeup aisle:

1. The best BB cream: Hydrates. Providing your skin with extra nourishment, in addition to your day cream and serum can benefit your beauty overall. Hydrating your skin is an important beauty care step and shouldn’t be skipped. When you apply foundation, especially a heavy formula, to dry skin, your imperfections may become accentuated. Foundation can set in to fine lines, highlight the appearance of flakiness and even accentuate the look of large pores. So why not give your skin what it needs—hydration—and the coverage you want with a cosmetic like a BB cream that is formulated with nourishing ingredients? “BB creams should provide good hydration to the skin (with ingredients like glycerin) and sun protection (physical or chemical filters), together with extra antioxidant-actives, (such as vitamin C),” explains Dr. Rivera. A good BB cream can hydrate your skin and conceal what you’d like to pull attention away from all while feeling lightweight on your skin.

2. The best BB cream: Primes. It’s true, if you simply wanted hydration you could apply a good moisturizer, but that’s not all you want, is it? Of course it isn’t… and who could blame you? Having the look of flawless skin can give you a confidence boost and help you feel good about your appearance even on the most challenging of days. The best BB cream can help nourish your skin, but also help control the look of excess oil, shine and other imperfections. BB cream can prime your skin for your other makeup application steps still to come. There’s nothing like starting off your makeup routine with a smooth and fresh face make-up look. And, a BB cream can save you time too, because now you can lay off the powder or heavy foundation. BB cream can help you save a few minutes while you are getting ready and leave you with a fresh, smooth-looking surface.

3. The best BB cream: Perfects. In addition to keeping excess oil and dryness in check, BB cream tackles a number of other skin issues and helps improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, patchiness and even conceal areas with redness. The best makeup should enhance your natural beauty and not bury it underneath layers of cakey foundation. You can perfect the look of your skin without weighing it down in the process. And, you can better mitigate future skin concerns like breakouts or excess dryness.

When to Use a BB Cream
BB cream doesn’t have to replace your favorite foundation for good, unless you want it to be your new face make-up staple! But, it can be a great product to work into your beauty routine, especially if you think your skin could benefit from a break from pore-clogging formulas or is in need of a little extra hydration.

Use BB cream as your daytime face make-up when your skin is feeling a little extra dry, either from the weather or from other products that you may be using. Some cleansers can be harsh on dry skin, further drawing out more moisture than it has to, additionally some toners and masks formulated with harsh drying agents can also rob your skin of its natural moisture. BB cream offers another way to provide your skin with an extra boost of hydration that it is currently thirsty for.

On the flip side, you can also use a BB cream in times when your skin may be experiencing excess oil, and a shiny complexion. Lightweight BB creams can give you coverage without weighing too heavily on your skin.

You’ve probably noticed that your skin type can fluctuate as the seasons change throughout the year. If there are times, like in the winter months, when your skin is more dry then you could benefit from switching to a nourishing BB cream for a few weeks to help hydrate winter skin dryness. And, if your skin experiences more oil throughout the summer season, BB cream can provide lightweight coverage.

How to Apply BB Cream
You can leave your foundation brush in your makeup bag today–along with your foundation! It’s easy to apply BB cream and still get a flawless finish without too much fuss. Squeeze out about a dime-sized amount and apply the BB cream formula all over your face with your fingers—make sure your hands are clean—then simply blend. If you think you need a little more coverage squeeze out a little more and apply to areas that may need more attention. The look of redness, uneven skin tone and even some blemishes will be camouflaged and your complexion will look beautiful and smooth.

If you’re looking for a lightweight coverage option or simply want to try a new face make-up formula, consider giving a hydrating BB cream a go. You can still conceal imperfections and even out your skin tone without having to commit to a heavy foundation every day.