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7 Setting Powder Hacks For Your Makeup Routine

Face Makeup

7 Setting Powder Hacks For Your Makeup Routine 7 Setting Powder Hacks For Your Makeup Routine 7 Setting Powder Hacks For Your Makeup Routine

Beauty addicts tend to have collections stocked with shadows, primers, and lipsticks galore. But one beauty product can take you further than you would think. With only setting powder, you can do quite a few things to upgrade your beauty routine. Here, we’re sharing seven loose face powder hacks that you’ll wish you had known sooner. Try each one with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Sweep & Lock Loose Setting Face Powder or L’Oréal Paris Infallible Tinted Loose Setting Powder.

Hack #1. Bake Your Makeup

Makeup baking is one of the biggest beauty trends to come out of the last few years. We have reality TV stars and beauty gurus to thank for its skyrocketing popularity—and we really are thankful. Baking makeup, a beauty technique where setting powder is truly the star, can be key in helping makeup last longer and look better. Next time you’re applying a full face of makeup, put on your foundation, then apply your concealer in triangle shapes beneath your eyes. Blend the concealer out before using a makeup sponge to press a heavy layer of powder on top. Leave the powder to sit—or bake—while you apply your eye makeup. When you finish, sweep the excess powder away to reveal brighter under-eyes that won’t crease.

Hack #2. Lock In Lipstick

If your lipstick always seems to wear away and transfer onto every glass you drink out of, think of this hack as being just for you. Setting powder may typically be used to set foundation, but it can also keep your lip color in place. First, apply your favorite shade of the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Satin Lipstick. We find this tip especially helpful for bright and bold lipstick colors. Then, place a tissue gently against your lips. Dip a powder brush into your setting powder and press it onto your pout through the tissue. Pull the tissue away, and your lip look will be locked in.

Editor’s tip: You can also dust a tiny bit of matte setting powder directly onto your lips to help mattify any lip color.

Hack #3. Dust It Over Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos have had a resurgence—they aren’t just for little kids. You can wear them to festivals or to test drive a tattoo idea. Of course, they’re a lot less fun if they quickly disappear once applied. But there’s a temporary tat secret you should know: Applying a little setting powder on top can make them last longer. Reapply the powder each day until you’re ready to remove your tattoo. It may not be perfect by the time you want to take it off, but this tip should extend its life just a tad longer.

Hack #4. Set Cream or Liquid Eyeshadow

You may notice a pattern here; loose powder can make just about every makeup product more long-lasting. This extends to eye makeup, too. If cream and liquid eyeshadows always crease and smudge when you wear them, try making them long-wearing with the help of setting powder. Apply the L’Oréal Paris Brilliant Eyes Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup as you normally would, then use a small brush to dust on a layer of powder. Even better, use an eye primer underneath it all too, and your shadow will be practically unstoppable.

Hack #5. Apply Powder Before Foundation

Tik Tok has brought us some of our favorite makeup hacks as of late, including this one. Instead of applying setting powder last to lock in your look, Tik Tok stars are racking up the likes on videos where they put on powder before foundation. This little switch can work wonders because the powder soaks up oil on your skin and acts as a shield between your complexion and the rest of your makeup. This can be especially useful for oily skin types who may have a trickier time avoiding makeup meltdown throughout the day.

Hack #6. Tone Down Blush and Bronzer

Let’s be honest; we don’t all nail blush or bronzer application every single time. Sometimes the lighting is off, and your blush turns out way too dramatic or you pick up too much bronzer on your brush, and your face looks totally muddy. The good news is, you don’t need to jump straight to removing your makeup and starting over fresh. Your hard work so far may not have been for naught. You can go over overdone makeup with setting powder to make your lines less harsh and tone down the color a bit.

Editor’s tip: If you find you’re often scrapping makeup looks and redoing them, read our article on How To Fix Bad Makeup Without Starting Over.

Hack #7. Catch Eyeshadow Fallout

You can be a master at blending eyeshadow and still end up with fallout beneath your eyes. Your lids may look great, but the color that’s traveled down your face certainly doesn’t. While you can always saturate a cotton pad with makeup remover and wipe it all away, sometimes that makes even more of a mess. If you know fallout is going to be a factor, you can act preemptively instead. Before doing your eye makeup, apply a generous amount of setting powder beneath each eye. That way, when you break out your shadows, any fallout will land on top of the powder. When all is said and done with your eye makeup look, all you have to do is use a clean makeup brush to swipe away the powder underneath your eyes, and the fallout will go with it.

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