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8 White Eyeliner Hacks to Try This Summer

Eye Makeup

8 White Eyeliner Hacks to Try This Summer 8 White Eyeliner Hacks to Try This Summer 8 White Eyeliner Hacks to Try This Summer

If white eyeliner isn’t already a key part of your makeup stash, you’re missing out. Why, you ask? Well, besides being a useful product for the obvious (creating strong white lines), there are quite a few little white eyeliner tips and tricks that can serve your makeup routine well. Keep reading for our eight favorite hacks for using a white eyeliner pencil. Then pick up the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner in White this summer to try them yourself!

White Eyeliner Hack #1: Minimize the Look of Redness

Whether your eyes look red from allergies, lack of sleep, or a good cry sesh, this trick could be useful for you. Line your eyes in white to help hide the unwelcome hue, as the stark shade can help brighten and neutralize the look of redness.

White Eyeliner Hack #2: Amp Up Eye Shadow Pigment

If you have eye shadows that could stand for their pigment to be punched up, try layering white eyeliner underneath. This can help conceal the natural color of your lids and acts as a neutral, blank base for shadows. To help bring the look of vibrancy to even your dullest eye shadow shades, color your lids in completely white before placing shadow on top.

White Eyeliner Hack #3: Highlight Your Brows

Give your brows some lift using white eyeliner. Taking your white liner, draw just under and above your brows. Blend out using your finger or a small brush to create a subtle, natural-looking highlight that can help create the look of totally sculpted brows.

White Eyeliner Hack #4: Create an Ombré Effect

Ombré liner may sound intimidating, but with the help of white eyeliner it’s surprisingly simple. If you have white eyeliner and a single other shade (like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner in Cobalt Blue), creating a fabulous-looking fade is easy. Start by lining your upper lash line in white, from the inner corner to the center. Then, with your colored eyeliner pick, line the outer third of your lash line. Finally, with a thin eyeliner brush, blend. Use the brush to pull the second color into the middle of your lash line, mixing with the white beneath it. And that’s it— you’ve officially ombré’d!

White Eyeliner Hack #5: Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

While we’re pretty much stuck with the eye shape and size we were born with, makeup can temporarily change almost anything—and eyes are no exception. If you’re looking to achieve the appearance of super-big eyes, white eyeliner is about to become your new best friend. Seriously, start braiding friendship bracelets. In white, line directly onto your lower waterline, just above your lashes. The color can blend with the whites of your eyeballs and give you the illusion of having bigger eyes.

White Eyeliner Hack #6: Brighten Your Inner Corners

In addition to using concealer to cover up dark circles, white eyeliner can come in handy, too. Add white in the inner corners of your eyes, around your tear ducts. This can help instantly brighten the look of your peepers. Talk about a quick fix!

White Eyeliner Hack #7: Wing It Out

You’re probably used to wearing black liner day in and day out, but it might not even occur to you to try the same styles in white. Give yourself a break from black by recreating a classic wing in white. The combination of the standard shape and surprising color is just right for a makeup look that pops.

White Eyeliner Hack #8: Add an Accent

Once you’ve gotten bored of your favorite liner looks, spice them up with a touch of white. You don’t have to give up your everyday styles—just add white to any look to help put a fresh spin on it. Try outlining the tip of your wing in white or sandwiching a line of white between other colors.

Remember: All you need to try any of the above white eyeliner hacks is the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner in White.