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7 Super Easy Ways to Get Heatless Curls

Hairstyle Trends

7 Super Easy Ways to Get Heatless Curls 7 Super Easy Ways to Get Heatless Curls 7 Super Easy Ways to Get Heatless Curls

Good news: You can finally put your curling iron down—without foregoing a curly mane! That’s right, heatless curls are definitely a thing. As much as you love curling your hair, consistently using heat can wreak havoc on your mane, which makes opting for heat-free alternatives a no-brainer. If you’re ready to learn how to curl hair without heat-styling tools, you’ve come to the right place! It’s time to embrace the heat-free curls trend, and we’re showing you how to do just that. Keep reading to learn seven easy methods for curling your hair without heat.


Ready to learn how to curl your hair sans heat? While the idea may seem a little far-fetched, you’d be surprised by the numerous ways you can bring beautiful curls to life without your beloved curling iron. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for seven ways to achieve no-heat curls.


While you may think that hair rollers are outdated, this method is more current than you might have thought. Not to mention, the results are seriously stunning. Think movie star hair without a trip to the salon!

Simply grab a set of rollers (not hot rollers), a hair mousse like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse, and bobby pins. For your hair rollers, you can use foam rollers or flexi-rods to get heatless curls.

Once you have your supplies, take a section of hair and clip the rest out of your way. Apply a small amount of mousse to your hair, comb through, place the roller at the end of the section, and start rolling it toward your roots. Secure the roller in place, using either the clip on your foam hair rollers or by wrapping the ends of a flexi-rod around itself. Repeat until you have a mane full of rollers. Let your curlers sit for a few hours or leave them overnight, unravel in the morning, and ta-da: gorgeous curls.


This hairstyle works double duty to keep your strands off your face and create no-heat curls at the same time. First, you’ll need to make a sock donut (learn how in our article on How to Create a Sock Bun), then you can pull all of your hair through the donut’s hole. Next, bring the sock donut back up to the ends of your ponytail and begin to tuck the ends of your hair around it. Use your fingers inside the sock bun to flip it inside out and roll the bun down the ponytail, so your hair hides the sock. Once your strands are wrapped around the sock bun, let it sit while you catch some Z’s so you can create heatless curls overnight. Unravel in the morning and voila!


We’ve already shared the wonders of the sock bun for heatless curls, and now we’re bringing you the same gorgeous curls sans the updo. That’s right! Sock curls have become a popular trend among curl-lovers with long locks. All you need to do is wrap a section of hair around a clean sock, roll it up to your scalp, and knot the ends to secure your strands. In the a.m., undo the knots, shake, and go!


You’ll never look at pin curls the same. While this classic style screams old-Hollywood glam, you can actually use it to create no-heat curls. Starting on damp hair, you want to create sections that are about an inch in size. Take the end of one of the sections, tuck your hair around two of your fingers, and roll up until you reach the roots. Secure with a bobby pin.

Continue the process of rolling and pinning sections of hair until all of your hair is pinned up. Wrap your hair with a silk scarf to help bring your heatless overnight curls to life sans frizz. Once dry, remove the scarf, pull out all of your pins, fluff up your strands, and you’re all set! Just don’t forget to finish with a touch of hairspray, like the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold, to keep your curls intact.


Not only are Bantu knots a popular protective style, but they can also be used to create heatless curls! We also dig that it creates no-heat curls that are defined, full, and frizz-free. To try the look, you want to start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. We’re fans of the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Moisture Shampoo and the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Moisture Conditioner, which deeply nourish and moisturize hair.

Once your hair is almost dry post-wash, create a one to two-inch part in your hair and start twisting from the root to ends. Your hair will begin to twist into itself. Twist the section tightly around itself to form a tiny bun and secure with a hair elastic. Repeat until you have a mane full of Bantu knots. Cover your hair with a silk scarf and leave your Bantu knots in place to get heatless curls overnight. In the morning, undo each knot and gently finger-comb your hair to reveal perfect ringlets. Top it off with hairspray, and you’re all set.


The headband method is another easy way to achieve healthy heatless curls. Kick things off by putting a stretchy fabric headband on while your hair is damp. Section your hair into two parts and wrap each around the headband, so there’s no length hanging free. Once your hair is in place, secure with bobby pins. After your hair has dried, unpin it, unwrap and remove the headband, and use your fingers to comb through your new curls.


Braided hairstyles aren’t just a gorgeous look in their own right; they can leave your hair with all sorts of texture. You can get everything from loose waves to tightly crimped hair. To transform your braids into heat-free curls, try weaving your hair into two to four plaits before bed. Take the braids apart in the morning, and you should be left with gorgeous texture. While the end result may not be big bouncy curls, you’ll love this wavy look, too!

Pat yourself on the back, you’re officially an expert on heatless curls! Ready to learn about other no-heat styles? Next, check out our article on How to Air-Dry Your Hair, which features five air-dried styles.