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How to Make Your Flyaways Work for You

Hairstyle Trends

How to Make Your Flyaways Work for You How to Make Your Flyaways Work for You How to Make Your Flyaways Work for You

Once upon a time, flyaways were the bane of all existence. Whether you had straight hair or curly hair, frizzy hair seemed to take away from your overall look instead of add to it. Oh, how times have changed. What started as a runway debut back in 2017 quickly turned into a full-on embraced hairstyle trend in 2018. Now, from the catwalks to the sidewalks, imperfectly perfect, frizz-defined ‘dos are all the rage. If you’re like us, reading this news probably feels a bit like angels singing–and it totally should because you finally stop fussing with all the extra effort to manage your mane. To learn how to make your flyaways work for you for the season’s latest strand craze, keep scrolling to discover all the hair styling products and tips to get the full frizzy rundown.

How to Make Your Flyaways Work for You

When it comes to flyaways, there’s not a whole lot of science that goes into creating a hairstyle. Simply spritz damp hair with a wave spray, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY IT Wave Swept Spray, or texture spray, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Air-Blown Texture Mist, and let your hair air dry. Whichever hair spray you use will help enhance your texture for a more lived-in look, which is precisely what frizzy hair is typically associated with. Once you’ve mastered your textured base, it’s time to find your perfect flyaway-friendly style. 

The Best Hairstyles to Rock with Flyways

As much as we see the reemergence of frizz as a good thing, it’s still true that there are some hairstyles out there that simply don’t look their best with imperfect frizz. That’s why it’s important to find styles that look enhanced with flyaways for a laid-back, ethereal, even romantic vibe. Here, we tell you what those styles are. Whether you want to rock a bangs, a braid, or a gorgeous updo, we’ve got you!

Flyaway Fringe

As one of the hottest hairstyles on the spring runways and red carpets, flyaway fringe is all about a voluminous coif in place of bangs. It’s not meant to look perfect, smooth, or extremely styled. To bring the lived-in updo to life, start with the textured base of your choice before back-combing your front-most layers of hair. Pull this section of hair back, twisting it as you go so that once you reach the ends, you can push it forward a bit to really nail that flyaway volume look before pinning it in place. From there, pull the rest of your hair into a messy bun, pin it in place, and pull out a few face-framing strands around your ears. Finish your look with a quick spritz of the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray to simultaneously add hold and shine for a gorgeous, gleaming, lived-in look that pairs well with everything from a ball gown to a white tee and jeans.

Fishtail Braid

As you know, we’re suckers for a good braid. Instead of keeping it classic with a three-strand number (although that looks beautiful with flyaways, too), try splitting your hair into two to weave a more intricate fishtail braid. To get the look, go back and forth between each side of your hair, adding hair from one half to the other until you reach your ends. Tie your braid off with a clear elastic and gently pancake each plait to create a more voluminous, less styled look. The detailed weave will provide a gorgeous contrast with your flyaway for a simple, fairytale-esque end look.

Crown Braid

While crown braids can look incredibly elegant when sleekly styled without a flyaway in sight, we’re even more fond of the slightly more airy, effortless finish. To get the look, start by splitting your hair down the middle and braiding each side in a traditional three-strand plait. Tie each off with a clear elastic. Next, pull each braid up and over your head and pin in place, making sure that neither your elastics or ends are in sight. From there, gently pancake each braid to create a bigger crown and pull a few face-framing flyaways out around your ears and hairline.

Who knew flyaways could be so gorgeous? If you loved learning how stylish an effortless hairstyle can be, check out our article, How to Achieve No Makeup, Makeup with Highlighter, to learn how to approach your makeup routine with the same perspective.