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4 Hairstyles to Try for Back to School

Hairstyle Trends

4 Hairstyles to Try for Back to School 4 Hairstyles to Try for Back to School 4 Hairstyles to Try for Back to School

Can you believe it? The summer is nearly over and back to school season is almost here. And you know what that means, it’s time to start planning your first day outfit, updating your skin care routine for the school year, and practicing all the makeup skills you learned over the summer. There’s a lot of prep work to be done, but you’ll need to add one more item to your list—choosing the hairstyle you want to rock for back to school. From braid hairstyles to extremely easy waves, you have options to choose from. All you have to do is read on, pick your favorite back to school hairstyle, and find out how to do it.

Back to School Hairstyle #1: Preppy Ponytail

There’s nothing wrong with sticking with a classic hairstyle for back to school! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel—or the ponytail for that matter. A simple pony is perfect for a day that’s full of studying, gym class, and after school sports practice. Tie it off with a ribbon and you’ll look totally on trend with minimal effort.

Step 1: Brush Your Hair

This ponytail is meant to be bump free, so run a brush through your hair before pulling it up. Once you’re satisfied that your tresses aren’t tangled, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Gather Hair in a High Ponytail

Collect all of your hair, pulling it into a high ponytail. When you have the ponytail positioned where you want it, and you’ve smoothed out any errant lumps, secure it with a hair tie. Don’t worry too much about how the hair tie looks, as you’re going to cover it up in just a moment.

Step 3: Use Shine Spray

To lock in your look and add shine at the same time, spritz your ‘do with the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray.

Step 4: Add a Ribbon

Wearing hair accessories is oh-so-trendy, and back to school is the perfect time to break one out. Tie a cute ribbon—maybe one that matches your outfit—around your ponytail to dress it up and take your look to the next level. Once your ribbon is in place, you’re finished!

Back to School Hairstyle #2: Overnight Waves

Love the look of wavy hair but don’t want to wake up early to use a curling wand? We’ve got you. Take a few minutes to braid your hair before bed and you can have gorgeous, beach waves in the morning.

Step 1: Shower

Waking up super early to shower is no fun, especially if you don’t want to head to school with wet hair. So, switch to showering at night before school starts. It also just so happens that showering should be the first step in creating this hairstyle. Wash with your favorite shampoo and conditioner, then gently towel dry your hair.

Step 2: Use Beach Wave Spray

Spray damp hair with the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY Wave Swept Spray to help enhance your natural texture.

Step 3: Braid Your Hair

Now it’s time to braid your hair. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be capable of anything fancy—just a classic three-strand braid. Put your hair into anywhere from one to four braids, depending on just how wavy you want your hair to be. The more braids you decide on, the wavier your hair will be.

Step 4: Sleep!

This is the easiest styling step ever, all you have to do is sleep. Go catch some Z’s, you don’t have to do the next step until you wake up.

Step 5: Undo Your Braids

Good morning! When you’re awake, remove your braids and finger comb through your hair to loosen the waves that they created overnight. Wasn’t that easy?

Back to School Hairstyle #3: Half-Up Top Knot

We love top knots as much as the next person—if not more—but let’s mix things up a little for back to school. Instead of tossing all of your hair up at the last minute as you run to catch the bus, quickly pull only half of your hair up. It’s equally as easy, but gives your style a bit of extra flair!

Step 1: Apply Heat Protectant

Don’t even think about using a heat tool without applying heat protectant! Do you really want damaged hair for your first day back at school? We think not. If you want to try a style—like this one—that requires heat, use the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray.

Step 2: Straighten Your Hair

Break out your flat iron and—you guessed it—straighten your hair.

Editor’s tip: Section off your hair before straightening for sleeker, straighter results.

Step 3: Gather the Top Section of Your Hair

Since you’re only putting half of your hair into a top knot, you’ll only need to gather the top section. To gather just the right amount, use the ends of your eyebrows as a guide for where to section off your hair.

Step 4: Create a Mini Bun

The section of hair you’re holding should look like an unsecured ponytail at the moment, but now let’s turn it into a bun. Twist the section, starting at the base. Once you’ve created a coil, wrap it around itself to form a bun. Secure with a hair tie and as many bobby pins as you need. There’s no need to overdo it with the pins though, this look is allowed to be a little messy.

Step 5: Finish with Hairspray

Spritz, spritz. Make sure your hairstyle lasts by finishing with the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Fine Control Hairspray.

Back to School Hairstyle #4: Double Dutch Braids

Back in the day, your mom probably put your hair into pigtails for back to school. Nowadays, you can style your own hair but you still have room in your heart for that look. To channel one of your favorite childhood hairstyles, rock the modern, grown up version of little kid pigtails—double Dutch braids.

Step 1: Split Your Hair Down the Middle

This look necessitates a middle part. Split your hair into two sections—one for each braid—right down the middle.

Step 2: Create Dutch Braids

Dutch braid each section of hair. Not sure how? We have an article to help with that! Check out Braiding Basics: How to Braid Your Hair.

Step 3: Pancake the Braids

Think your braids look a little too perfect after reading that tutorial? Mess them up a little by pancaking your braids. What’s that mean? Pancaking involves flattening your braid to make it look fuller. Gently pull apart the sections of both braids for a fun, undone look.

Step 4: Finish with Hairspray

It’s no mistake that most of these hairstyles end with spraying your hair with hairspray. It’s key in creating a long-lasting beauty look! A few spritzes of the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold Volume and you can be on your merry way.

Once your hairstyle is all set for BTS, find out How to Stock Your Makeup Bag for Back to School.