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3 Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Days Spent Traveling

Braid Hairstyles

3 Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Days Spent Traveling 3 Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Days Spent Traveling 3 Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Days Spent Traveling

Taking the time to travel is one of the most fun things you can do in life. Nevertheless, the process of actually getting to where you’re traveling to can sometimes be filled with traffic, rushing through TSA, fighting lines for a cab outside the airport, broken AC, and other not-so-relaxing situations. For that reason, we find it best to keep your hair up and out of the way to make your days spent traveling ever so slightly fuss-free. Whether it’s the perfect ponytail, braid, or updo, there’s something to be said about keeping your hair out of your face for an easier approach to the chaos of chasing adventure. To help you do so as stylishly as possible, we’ve rounded up three of our favorite travel hairstyles—all of which are easy to create on medium-length hair and long hair. While we find them particularly beneficial during departure days, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to wear these cool hairstyles all vacation long.

Travel Hairstyle #1: Fishtail High Ponytail

Take your high ponytail to the next level by fishtailing your strands all the way to the end.

What you’ll need:

L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Air-Blown Texture Mist

Hair tie

Clear elastic

L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray

Get the look by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Start by Giving Your Hair Texture

Fishtail hairstyles look particularly pretty when paired with lived-in locks. For that reason, we recommend spraying damp or dry hair with a texturizing spray for a little added oomph. Not only can it help make your hair look slightly more voluminous, but it will help give your fishtail braid extra hold, too.

Step 2: Smooth Your Hair into a High Ponytail

Now, just because we love texture for your fishtail doesn’t mean you should leave your crown super-textured—unless, of course, you want to, in which case by all means. With this in mind, we recommend using a comb to smooth out any lumps and bumps from your hair line back to your ponytail to give your travel-friendly hairstyle a touch of sleek style.

Step 3: Fishtail Braid Your Ponytail

Split your ponytail into two equal sections and fishtail braids all the way to your ends. To do so, pull a small section of hair from the outer edge of one half of your ponytail and add it to the other half. Repeat this process back and forth all the way to the ends. Tie your fishtail ponytail off with a clear elastic and give your final look a spritz of a shine-enhancing hair spray for added allure.

Travel Hairstyle #2: Sleek and Textured Half-Up Top Knot

You’ve seen your favorite reality show celebs rocking this dual textured look and now it’s your turn to look equally as A-list when walking through the terminal.  

What you’ll need:

L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Weather Control Hairspray

L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY IT Wave Swept Spray

Fine-tooth comb

Clear elastic

Bobby pin

Get the look by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Spray Your Strands Full of Products

Notice how we said products, plural? That’s because from your hairline to your crown, you’ll spray hair spray to help create that sleek top texture. Next, you’ll spray your mid-lengths and ends with wave-enhancing spray to create the texture that helps create the chic contrast of this hairstyle.

Step 2: Secure Your Half-Up Hairstyle

Use a fine-tooth comb to smooth from your hairline to the crown of your head up into a tight, frizz-free, half-up ponytail. Next, smooth out your mini pony and twist it into a sleek top knot. Pin it in place on the underside with a bobby pin.

Step 3: Boost Your Texture

Now that your half-up look is created, take note of any areas that could benefit from a texture boost and spray with again with wave spray. You can even use your comb to slightly tease your hair for extra volume.

Travel Hairstyle #3: Double Dutch Braids

If you want your hair totally and completely out of the way, full braids are the way to go. Instead of wearing traditional French braids, have a little fun and embrace a Dutch technique instead.

What you’ll need:

L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Clean Style Gel


Clear elastics

Get the look by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Apply Hair Gel into Damp Hair

After hopping out of the shower, skip the blow-dryer, part your hair down the middle, and smooth some hair gel into your hair from roots to ends. Don’t worry about applying too much because it will only give your braids added hold and wet-look shine—both of which are totally on trend.

Step 2: Dutch Braid Your Hair

Choose which side you want to begin with and starting at your hairline, gather a small section of hair, divide it into three sections and begin weaving in an underhand fashion to create the protruding braids you’re looking to achieve. Braid all the way to the ends, incorporating more hair from the side that you’re working with as you go. Tie each braid off with an elastic and don’t bother fluffing your braids so as to not disrupt the sleek look. So simple, right?

Editor’s tip: Instead of taking your braids out at the end of your travel day, sleep on them to reveal gorgeous waves for second day hair on your first full day of vacay.

Now that you know how to make your hair look on point while traveling, learn how to do the same for your skin. Our article, Travel Light: 5 Skin Care Products to Pack, will give you some ideas.