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New Season, New Hair: 6 Hair Colors to Try for the End of Summer

Hair Color Trends

New Season, New Hair: 6 Hair Colors to Try for the End of Summer New Season, New Hair: 6 Hair Colors to Try for the End of Summer New Season, New Hair: 6 Hair Colors to Try for the End of Summer

As the season changes from summer to fall, you may want to consider switching up your hair color. Summer’s almost over, and while you begin to bid farewell to summer holidays, heat, and humidity, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out a new hair color. No matter the shade you’re starting with, there’s something fun you can do with your hair once you’re no longer spending all your free time in the sun. Keep reading for six different hair color ideas for the end of the summer. Try one of these fabulous shades help you head into fall in style.

Hair Color Idea #1: Babylights

After spending the better part of summer luxuriating in the warm weather, you may notice that your locks look lighter by a shade or two. Without a trip to the salon, spending time in the sun can naturally lighten your hair. Sounds great, but there’s just one issue. When it’s time to say goodbye to the season, the same goes for your new hue. If you’ve grown attached to your color, try replicating it before summer’s end. Ask a professional stylist for babylights, a highlighting technique that mimics the lightened streaks that come courtesy of the sun. Super-fine highlights are brushed on for a sun-kissed look that you can show off any time of year. For those who dare to DIY these baby blonde pieces, head over to our guide on how to do babylights.

Hair Color Idea #2: Icy Blonde

If you’ve been rocking a golden blonde color all summer long, it’s time to mix things up. Switch out your gilded strands for a color that’s fitting for the shift into fall. Instead of a warm shade that screams summer, opt for an icy hue in preparation for the coming colder months. A cool-toned platinum is a statement-making shade that seriously suits almost anyone.

Hair Color Idea #3: Brunette Balayage

At this point it’s safe to say that balayage is a tried and true style. Blonde balayage tends to mark everyone’s mane, no matter the time of year, and we can’t blame them. The beautiful coloring is not only flattering for a vast variety of faces and skin tones but easy to maintain. That’s right, no awkward growing out phase. Rejoice! If you want those extremely tempting benefits but still hope to stand out in a crowd, give brunette balayage a shot. Instead of fading from a medium-toned brown to an ashy blonde, have your tresses transition from dark to light brown. The subtle twist on the balayage trend is perfect for ringing in a new season.

Hair Color Idea #4: Chocolate Brown

By summer’s end, there’s a chance you’ll have tired of sporting lighter strands. That’s when it’s time to swap them out for a chocolate brown. Just as you’re preparing put away your swimsuits until next summer and start indulging in all kinds of sweets and treats, your locks can get the same treatment. Achieve your sweet, sweet shade on your own with the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme in Dark Chocolate Brown.

Hair Color Idea #5: Bronze Lowlights

Highlights aren’t the only way to put a spin on your shade without dying your whole head of hair. For the end of summer, go with lowlights instead. The two techniques are similar in that they both help add dimension to your base color, but while highlighting means you’ll lighten pieces of your hair, lowlights involve darkening some of your strands. Take on the metallic hair trend in a fresh way by adding bronze lowlights to a blonde or light brown base. For more metallic hair color ideas, read up on how to choose copper, bronze and rose gold shades for any skin tone.

Hair Color Idea #6: Deep Auburn

Can you think of a better time for auburn hair than in autumn? As the end of summer quickly approaches and autumn nears, make the decision to dye your hair a deep reddish brown. Somewhere between burnt orange and burgundy, there’s nothing about auburn strands that don’t evoke thoughts of fall. To get your new hair color from the comfort of your home, use the L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Dark Auburn.

Want to spice up your brown locks? Check out our article, From Chestnut to Chocolate: The Best Shades of Brown Hair to Try, for brunette-centric hair color ideas.