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Fall Hair Highlight Trends

Hair Color Trends

Fall Hair Highlight Trends Fall Hair Highlight Trends Fall Hair Highlight Trends

A new season is a great opportunity for a new look. It keeps your image fresh and your style on target to change things up every few months. You probably already change styles and colors in your wardrobe to match each new season, so shouldn't you do the same thing for your hair? 

Going blonde or choosing a lighter shade in summer is a common practice for many people. While most choose to go a little darker for the winter months, it is actually a little bit trickier than that. The key is to keep the sunshine in your locks with highlights. Whether you are pro-highlight or on the fence, highlights are not what they once were. Today, you have a ton of highlighting options - each with their own special characteristics and many that are perfect for fall. 

Here is what you need to know about these fall hair highlight trends:


First on the list is "bronde" hair. If it sounds like a combination of blonde and brown, it is - but it is so much more. This brownish blonde hair color highlight trend looks ultra natural and is a good option for people with natural blonde hair color and lighter brown hair. Plus, it is incredibly low maintenance and adds tons of texture.

Bronde works like this: Very subtle highlights are woven into your hair so that you can see lots of your natural color. Most of these should be around your face and places that would be naturally lightened by the sun - think one to two shades lighter. Because the highlighted sections are woven throughout and subtle, roots are never an issue.


Balayage takes bronde a step further. It is a little brighter and a little lighter but the emphasis is still on a very natural progression. The best balayage looks like you spent lots of time in the sun, so the highlights are going to be on the pieces that see the most movement, generally around your face and crown. Also, the highlighted sections will be chunkier than bronde but the transition from your root to those lighter pieces should be just as gradual. Where you will really notice the difference is your ends. With balayage, the difference from your root to tip could be two to three shades different.


If you want something a little more intense than balayage, look to a new highlighting trend called "flamboyage" - a flamboyant balayage. With this technique, your hair is gradually lightened from about halfway through your length to the tips, and you will have balayage highlights woven throughout. The ends are a little lighter than with balayage - a total of about four shades from your roots - but the result still has a natural feel to it and similarly easy regrowth.


If more traditional highlights are not your speed or you are worried that roots could still be an issue (like if you have black hair), consider ombre hair color. This style gives you tons of contrast from root to tip - as much as seven shades - so it works with any color. You can paint in roots using a darker shade, making it perfect for transitioning regrowth, or lighten the ends of your hair as light as you like.


For people who prefer an all-over lightening of their hair but want to avoid the stark contrast that ombre often produces, a softer ombre called sombre could be just your speed. It is really easy to do. To get sombre highlights, just choose a shade that is only a few shades lighter than your current hair color. It is up to you how much lighter you go. Just remember to keep the transition subtle and gradual.

Fall Colors for Blonde Hair

Highlights are not reserved for brunettes! People with natural blonde hair can use any of the fall hair highlight trends listed above. It is all about warmth and depth. Platinum blonde hair color can be warmed up with beige blonde hair color, ash blonde hair color can transition to a caramel blonde or honey blonde hair color, and strawberry blonde hair can take on a more copper blonde hair color. You could add streaks of the warmer shade or tone your hair to the warmer shade, leaving lighter and cooler strands as highlights. It's very versatile.

Caring for Highlighted Hair

Adding highlights generally means adding some shade of blonde to your hair. The trick is choosing the right shade. There are online tools to help you decide which hair color is best for you, like the L'Oréal Paris Hair Color Consultation. In general, the rule of thumb for fall and winter is to go more golden. Ash blonde hair color may be your preference, but go too cool and your hair could wash you out. Whatever color you choose, keep your locks clean with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner system.