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Summer Blondes: Why You Should Try Going Lighter Now

Hair Color Ideas

Summer Blondes: Why You Should Try Going Lighter Now Summer Blondes: Why You Should Try Going Lighter Now Summer Blondes: Why You Should Try Going Lighter Now

We’ve all been there: As soon as we see the latest and greatest in hair color trends, we want to join the party of trendsetters. And this summer season, that means we’re all about the blondest of blondes. That’s right, we’re talking platinum. From the runway to the everyday, near-white shades of blonde hair have become the ultimate head-turner. It’s virtually impossible not to want to get a little icy with your next image revamp, right? But before you take the plunge (into bleach), there are some vital facts you need to learn. Here’s a primer on dyeing your hair blonde.

Your Guide to Hair Dye

First, there are many different types of color out there—permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary, just to name a few. Get to know each type better:

1. Temporary hair color. This kind of hair dye only coats the outermost exterior of your hair, so it washes out within a few shampoos. Want to try something new without making a major commitment? Temporary hair color could be a good option to test out a trend for a few days.

2. Semi-permanent hair color. This is the next step up from temporary dye. Semi-permanent hair color is free of ammonia and bleach and typically fades over in about eight shampoos. It’s a gentle alternative to permanent hair dye, can add shine to strands, and can be used as a temporary root touch-up. Already gone blonde and want to add a pop to your strands? Try the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color. The ammonia- and peroxide-free formula requires no mixing before applying and comes in on-trend shades like soft pink, peach, and aqua, specifically for natural and bleached blondes.

3. Permanent hair color. This is the longest-lasting of the bunch. Permanent dye can be used to help lighten or tone dark hair, cover gray hair, and provide full coverage. (Just remember: If you use permanent dye, your color will require maintenance!) Give blonde hair a go with the L’Oreal Paris Colorista Hair Bleach All Over. Inspired by some of the best professional stylists in the industry, this rich oil, no-ammonia system offers up to seven levels of lightening power for visible lift on dark blonde, light brown, and medium brown hair. (Keep in mind that the lighter your hair color is to begin with, the brighter the end result will be.)

What You Need to Know if You're Going Blonde

If you’re an in-and-out kind of girl, going blonder than blonde this summer may not be the best option for you. Maintaining a light blonde shade (or platinum!) also requires plenty of TLC—so be sure to think it over before trying an at-home kit.