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5 Nearly Instant Hair Fixes for a Perfect Mane

Damaged Hair

5 Nearly Instant Hair Fixes for a Perfect Mane 5 Nearly Instant Hair Fixes for a Perfect Mane 5 Nearly Instant Hair Fixes for a Perfect Mane

Who doesn’t want a perfect, flawless mane? Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, there’s nothing like having a head of hair that resembles one of those cheesy shampoo commercials—and with the right products and tips, it’s totally possible. From hair care to hair styling, keep reading to find five nearly instant hair fixes for a perfect mane.

Tip #1: Apply a Deep Conditioner

If you have dry or damaged hair, deep conditioner is going to be your new best friend. A deep conditioner does just what you would think—deeply conditions your hair. This helps to restore moisture and is a particularly great idea if you have color-treated hair that needs a little extra TLC. It’s also a good habit to get into during the winter months when your hair is exposed to cold, dry air. Choose from one of our three deep conditioners below, apply to wet hair from lengths to tips after shampooing, and leave on for just one minute before rinsing thoroughly.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner: The rich reviving formula of this deep conditioner contains 20% conditioning serum, camellia, and sunflower oil to help hydrate each strand for silkier, softer hair.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner: This reviving deep conditioner has a shine-enhancing formula that also helps repair hair. The formula contains 20% conditioning serum, almond, and protein to help fortify each strand, reinforcing the hair fiber.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner: Formulated for color-treated hair, this deep conditioner contains 20% conditioning serum, antioxidants, and pomegranate to help hydrate each strand for shiny, silky hair.

Tip #2: Use a Hair Sheet Mask

Another easy way to give your strands TLC with an almost immediate reward? Using a hair mask! Use one of our hair sheet masks for an instant refresh—they only take five minutes to work their magic. Apply after shampooing, gently massage, and leave on for five minutes before rinsing.

L’Oréal Paris EverPure Intense Repair Hair Sheet Mask: This hair mask is formulated with camellia flower. The treatment envelops hair in a delicate layer of repairing cream to leave you with strengthened, protected locks.

L’Oréal Paris EverPure Deep Moisture Hair Sheet Mask: This hydrating hair treatment envelopes hair in a delicate layer of nourishing cream to replenish moisture. The formula melts onto hair for shiny-looking locks that aren’t weighed down.

Tip #3: Don’t Underestimate a Toothbrush

Having a perfect mane also means using the right styling techniques. If you want flawless locks, you’ll want to tame any unwanted flyaways. Our go-to hack? Using a toothbrush (a clean one, of course) and some hair spray! Simply spritz your hair spray of choice (we recommend the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray) onto your toothbrush and comb it over any unruly strands for a smooth, sleek look that stays in place.

Tip #4: Hair Serum is Your BFF

Deep conditioner and hair masks can help with frizz, dry locks, and damage, but a hair serum is another great option if you’re in need of a quick fix—we’re talking less than a minute. Seriously, place a few pumps of the L’Oréal Paris EverSleek Frizz Finish Oil-In-Serum in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, then work the serum through damp strands. See, that barely took any time at all! Simply let your hair air dry and you’ll be impressed by how the lightweight serum, which is formulated with a luxurious blend of argan oil and flower oils, helps tame frizz, fly-aways, detangle, and smooth each strand.

Tip #5: Stop Staticky Strands

Do you have a dryer sheet to spare? Then you can use this hack to instantly put an end to static! Rub the dryer sheet against your locks and prepare to be wowed.

Editor’s note: If you have a few extra minutes, consider weaving your staticky hair into a braided hairstyle, too. A simple French braid will do, whatever will tightly weave your strands and keep them out of the way.

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