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How to Use Purple Shampoo on Blonde Hair

Color Treated Hair

How to Use Purple Shampoo on Blonde Hair How to Use Purple Shampoo on Blonde Hair How to Use Purple Shampoo on Blonde Hair

If you have blonde hair, especially color-treated blonde hair, you likely already know about the constant looming threat of brassiness. Technically speaking, brassiness is the unwanted warm tones that show up if you don’t take proper care of blonde tresses. If you’ve ever noticed your blonde locks starting to turn brassy, listen up, we’re about to let you in on a hair care secret that will help keep your locks looking golden. We’re talking about anti-brass shampoo, specifically, purple shampoo. The one product every blonde absolutely needs in their shower is a purple shampoo. Yes, you read that right—purple shampoo. A couple of days after you’ve colored your hair (whether you had it done at the salon or DIY-ed it at home), you may notice your blonde looking, well…less blonde and a lot brassier. Your vibrant, shiny blonde hair color can fade and become brassy over time due to a variety of reasons ranging from spending time in the sun to swimming in chlorine. Here’s everything you need to know about using a purple anti-brass shampoo and how to use it to keep your blonde hair looking fresh.


To understand why purple shampoo is a must-have for brassy blondes, all you have to do is think about color theory. Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel, which means they can be used to counteract one another. See where this is going? Since blonde hair that’s turned brassy looks yellow, a pigmented purple shampoo can actually neutralize the yellow hue and take you back to the blonde color you wanted in the first place. In addition to hair color chemicals, things like UV rays, chlorine, and mineral deposits in your shower water can also mess with your hair color and cause brassiness.


When you notice your strands look brassy, add a purple shampoo to your hair care routine! You won’t need to wash your hair with purple shampoo every day, once or twice a week should do the trick—of course, you’ll want to read the directions of whichever purple ‘poo you pick up.


Using purple shampoo is simple; just swap it out with your regular shampoo! To get the most out of it, however, you’ll want to keep it on for about five minutes before rinsing out. If you know you have porous hair, which means that your hair will easily and readily absorb product, be cautious about leaving purple shampoo on for too long. However, if you do notice lilac tones beginning to show, simply use your go-to clarifying shampoo and they should fade right out.

Editor’s tip: Want to see what your locks would look like with an ultra-temporary lavender tint? Letting your purple shampoo sit on your locks for a little extra time might just do the trick. Of course, you can also use the L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray in Pastel Lavender for another option that washes right out.


Purple shampoo isn’t the only way you can help keep your hair’s blonde hue lustrous and fresh. There are other hair care products out there that are formulated to help address brassiness, including hair masks and treatments. In addition to using a purple shampoo, preserve your hair color by adding a system of hair care products meant for blonde hair. Try the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde ShampooL’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Conditioner, and L’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Shade Reviving Treatment, which are formulated especially for blondes and specifically designed to neutralize the brassiness many blondes face. Here’s how to incorporate the product trio into your hair care routine:


Hop into the shower and saturate your hair with water before applying the blonde hair reviving shampoo to your wet tresses. Gently massage the shampoo onto your hair, creating a thick lather, then rinse thoroughly. Be sure to use lukewarm water, as turning the temperature too high could damage and dry out your hair.


When your strands are free of any suds, follow up with conditioner. Apply it, focusing the product on the ends of your hair. Then, leave the conditioner on for one to two minutes (time you can use to exfoliate your body or start shaving) to really lock in the moisture. When your imaginary alarm rings, indicating time is up, rinse out with more lukewarm water.


Shampooing and conditioning shouldn’t be the full extent of your hair care regimen. Your blonde locks need a hair mask, too! Once a week, after shampooing and towel-drying your hair, apply the blonde shade reviving treatment instead of conditioner. Let the mask sit on your hair for three to five minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

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